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Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Released on July 10, 2013

The SFTMA’s “Transit Effectiveness Project” (TEP) released its draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on July 10th, which is open to public comment from July 10th-September 17th, 2013.

The draft EIR SPECIFICALLY deals with the TEP's prospective environmental impacts, including issues related to noise, air quality, and transportation analysis.

To learn about all other aspects of the project, including specific proposals and service adjustments, please review the TEP Project Description.

The draft EIR will be available to review on the Planning Department's TEP page in full starting July 10th.  View the list of FAQs about the draft EIR.

To provide feedback on the draft EIR, visit the Planning Department's TEP page.  *Note - the Planning Department is only responding to comments about the environmental review process, and not about the project proposals themselves.  To leave comments about all other TEP-related subjects and proposals, send an email to tep@sfmta.com or call the TEP hotline at 415.701.4599.