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The Embarcadero Enhancement Project – Phase 1 Update & Survey Available

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It’s almost spring and the Embarcadero Enhancement Project (EEP) team has updates to share on efforts to improve safety for all users of The Embarcadero. Public outreach is underway for the project’s initial construction phase between Mission Street and Broadway, and today we’re releasing a survey to capture your feedback on the project proposals. Keep reading to learn more.

Final touches to the quick-build bikeway

Public Works crews will be adding railings to the newly installed concrete islands that protect the bikeway between Folsom and Mission streets. This will be the final piece of the 2020 Embarcadero Quick-Build Projects! We expect this work to start in April and continue into May.

Public survey launching today

The project team is launching a public survey today to capture your feedback on Phase 1 of the EEP, open through April 9.

The survey is available at:

This is an opportunity to share your opinions on how to best prioritize the various functions of the Embarcadero, agreement with project goals, and specific design preferences. Please review the project materials before starting the survey:

Outreach for Phase 1 is underway

Our last update shared the phasing plan for the EEP, prioritizing safety improvements where they are needed most, while continuing design and coordination for more complex segments in parallel. The focus for 2021 is on Phase 1 (Central Segment) — extending the two-way bikeway and pedestrian crossing improvements from Mission Street to Broadway.

SFMTA and Port project staff continue to work with stakeholders, including the operators of the Ferry Building Farmers Market, neighborhood groups, and Port tenants.

Image of the farmers market on the south side of the Ferry Building on a sunny Saturday with blue skies aloft.

Next steps

We will share the key results of the survey in late April. SFMTA staff plan to bring an informational update on the Embarcadero Enhancement Project to the SFMTA Board of Directors in May. This will soon be followed by seeking approval by the Port Commission for Phase 1 changes and support to continue design on future segments.

Regular project updates and other info — including specific SFMTA Board and Port Commission dates — will be made available at, as well as in subsequent project updates.