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February Open House Feedback Summary Available Online

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Upper Market Street Safety Project

February Open House Feedback Summary Available Online

A summary of public comment, including results from a survey of proposed circulation changes and streetscape upgrade priorities along the Upper Market corridor, is now available at

Circulation Proposal Still Being Finalized, No Plans Yet for Public Hearing

A majority who attended the open house or completed the survey online indicated general support for the draft Upper Market Street circulation proposal. Public concerns regarding congestion at the Castro/Market intersection, however, prompted additional analysis by the SFMTA, and at this time the proposal to modify the signal phasing and allow left-turns from eastbound Market to northbound Castro streets has been tentatively dropped. Staff are now evaluating other potential changes to the Castro/17th/Market intersection based on stakeholder comments regarding pedestrian safety as well as upcoming plans for temporary bus staging this summer due to planned weekend closures of the Twin Peaks Tunnel.

Additional circulation concepts are under review at the Laguna/Hermann/Market intersection (full traffic signal) and Duboce/Buchanan intersection, based on a mix of open house feedback and ongoing evaluation of recently installed traffic changes between Buchanan and Market streets. Please stay tuned for more updates as new information becomes available!

Greening and Lighting as Streetscape Priorities

Open house and survey comments reveal a strong desire to see more landscaping and lighting along the Upper Market corridor, although proper maintenance of these features was also strongly desired by the public. Many additional site-specific comments were also recorded and are currently being reviewed by Public Works to develop a draft streetscape proposal that will be presented at a public meeting later this year.