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Geary Quick-Build Implementation Coming Soon

38 Geary makes a stop before heading downtown.

The first phase of Geary project improvements, called “Quick-Build", is starting later this month. To make room for transit and safety improvements, some parking on Geary Boulevard will removed. To help offset this parking loss, new replacement parking spaces will first be added to some cross streets near Geary. This includes: 

  • New Perpendicular Parking: On 29th Avenue, parking will be increased by eight spaces by adding perpendicular (90 degree angle) parking on the west side of the street adjacent to Presidio Middle School. Parking on the east side will be prohibited. 
  • New Angled Parking: On 28th, 26th, 24th, 23rd, 21st, 19th, and 17th avenues, existing parallel spaces on one side of the street will be converted to new angled spaces, increasing the total parking supply on those blocks. Some new spaces closest to Geary will be metered and the remainder of the spaces will be unrestricted. Parking on the other side of the street will remain parallel. 
  • Relocated Bay Wheels Stations: To facilitate new angled parking on 28th and 26th avenues, two Bay Wheels bike share stations will be relocated: the 28th Ave/Geary location will be relocated to 26th Avenue/Clement; and the 21st Avenue/Geary location will be relocated to 19th Avenue/Anza.

See in the map below locations where new parking will be added. Note that the locations shown at Geary near 15th Avenue and on 14th Avenue will be implemented at a later date.

Map of Geary between 32nd and 10th Avenues showing parking additions on cross streets: 29th Avenue, north of Geary, full block (+8 parking spaces) 28th Avenue, south, 1/4 block (+5 spaces) 26th Avenue, north, 1/4 block (+3 spaces) 24th Avenue, north, 1/3 block (+4 spaces) 23rd Avenue, north, 1/3 block (+5 spaces) 21st Avenue, south, 1/4 block (+5 spaces) 19th Avenue, south, 1/6 block (+2 spaces) 17th Avenue, south, 1/6 block (+3 spaces) On Geary, south side between 15th and 16th (+1 space) 15th Avenue, south, 1/4 block (+3 spaces) Conversion to angled parking, same number of spaces: 14th Avenue, north, 1/4 block Funston, south, 1/3 block

Additional Quick-Build implementation will continue into the fall. Next steps include installing new transit lanes between 28th and 15th avenues, bus stop changes, and safety improvements. This phase does not include any excavation and will take about three months to complete. Work on any given block will be limited to a few days.  

Learn more on our website (, or contact us at or 415.646.2300.