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Geary Boulevard Improvement Project

Project Introduction

To meet rising transportation demands on Geary Boulevard, SFMTA has been working to improve Geary bus service with popular initiatives like new low-floor buses and more frequent Rapid service. Yet, over 56,000 daily customers who rely on the 38 Geary and 38R Geary Rapid still experience crowded buses and uneven wait times. And, safety improvements are needed for people walking on Geary. With proposed improvements on Geary Boulevard between Stanyan Street and 34th Avenue, the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project aims to address these problems.

The Geary Boulevard Improvement Project's federal environmental review was recently completed with the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision issued on June 15, 2018. The project is currently in its design phase. Using the base design that was decided after extensive public input during the project’s environmental review, such as the location of dedicated bus-only lanes, project staff is now adding details to the base design and will be seeking community feedback as it develops.

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Project Timeline 
Winter 2014 - Summer 2018
Planning: Final Environmental Impact Study
Summer 2018 - Winter 2021 / 2022
Design and Approvals: Public outreach, preliminary engineering, detail design, advertise and award.
Winter 2021 / 2022 - Spring 2023
Cost Estimate
Current Phase or Stage
Predicted Completion
Spring 2023
Project Status
Detailed Design
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Extension of dedicated bus-only lanes between Stanyan and 34th Avenue, including center-running lanes from Stanyan to 27th/28th Avenue
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Traffic signal optimization that improves traffic flow and gives buses the green light as they approach an intersection
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Upgraded stations with new amenities
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Highly visible crosswalks, sidewalk extensions at intersections to shorten crossing distances
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Median refuges that protect people who are walking that may not be able to cross Geary in one traffic signal phase
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New lighting, landscaping, and trees to improve the look and feel of the street

Project Location

The Geary Boulevard Improvement Project would bring long-term transportation improvements between 34th Avenue and Stanyan Street. Plans are also underway for the Geary Rapid Project to bring near-term improvements east of Stanyan to Market Street.

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Contact Information
Geary Boulevard Improvement Project
Kannu Balan, Project Manager