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Geary Rapid Project Construction Forecast: October 15 to October 29, 2021

Service Affected

Photo:  Aerial view of Geary Boulevard from Buchanan Street looking westwards.

Photo:  Aerial view of Geary Boulevard from Buchanan Street looking westwards.  


Construction work on the Geary Rapid Project, in coordination with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and San Francisco Public Works, is substantially complete, concluding SFMTA’s weekly forecasts.  

The contractor will continue minor punchlist repairs within the sidewalk and roadway over the next month as-needed. Completed work includes 1.5 miles of new sewer, almost three miles of upgraded water mains, 1.5 miles of roadway repaving, three new and eight upgraded traffic signals, four new pedestrian crossings, 34 pedestrian bulb-outs, 12 transit bulb-outs, 38 upgraded curb ramps and installation of red transit lane treatments. Thank you to the community for your patience as we worked toward these much-needed improvements.  

Other work planned on Geary Street:  


To minimize disruption to the community, final trench restoration work east of Van Ness Avenue has been coordinated with a separate private project sponsored by Verizon/MCI to install underground communications conduits between Van Ness Avenue and Market Street. This allows the contractor to only pave the roadway one time. Verizon/MCI’s work is planned to be completed in early 2022.  Work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays.  

For more information on Verizon/MCI work, please contact: 


Michael Muiruri, Mitchell Engineering  

415.589.7310 or  


Pamela Brown, Verizon 

415.844.1644 or 


BSM via SF311