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Geary Rapid Project

The Geary Rapid Project will make traveling on Geary—home to one of the busiest bus corridors in the west—a more reliable and safer experience with dedicated bus lanes and safety improvements for people walking. With more than 54,000 daily customers who rely on the 38 Geary and 38R Geary Rapid, SFMTA has been working to improve Geary transit with new low-floor buses and a more frequent schedule. Yet, Muni customers still experience crowded buses and uneven wait times. And Geary is home to a disproportionate number of serious and fatal traffic collisions, especially for people walking. The Geary Rapid project aims to address these issues while setting the stage for future transportation improvements.

The Geary Rapid Project’s federal environmental review was recently completed with the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision issued on June 15, 2018. Detailed design for the project is currently being finalized. We are seeking community feedback on this phase of design before final changes are considered for approval.

Cost Estimate 
~$35 million
Current Phase or Stage 
Predicted Completion 
Project Status 
Project Success 
On budget
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Red, dedicated transit lanes to reduce unpredictable delays
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Transit bulbs to decrease bus delays by allowing buses to remain in the travel lane when passengers load and unload
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Bus stop changes to improve efficiency
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Upgraded Transit Signal Priority to increase the likelihood buses get the green light at intersections
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Calming the Geary Expressway by decreasing the number of travel lanes from four to two general-purpose lanes and one bus-only lane in each direction
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Accessible pedestrian signals and curb ramps allow people with disabilities to safely travel on the corridor
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Pedestrian bulbs at intersections to shorten crossing distances, make people walking more visible to motorists and reduce vehicle turning speeds
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Pedestrian countdown signals to let people walking know how much time they have to safely cross the street
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New crosswalks and enhanced medians to provide safe opportunities for people to get across Geary
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Improvements for bicyclists crossing Geary on streets within the bike network that intersect the corridor
Geary and O'Farrell streets between Market and Gough streets, Geary Boulevard between Gough and Stanyan streets

Project Location

Once legislation for the project is approved, Geary Rapid Project improvements would be constructed on Geary and O’Farrell streets, between Market and Stanyan streets. Plans are also underway for the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project to bring longer-term improvements west of Stanyan to 34th Avenue.

Coordinated Work Sponsored by Partner City Agencies

To minimize community disruption, Geary Rapid Project construction will occur in coordination with:

  • SF Public Works-sponsored roadway repaving to upgrade 1.5 miles of deteriorated streets and provide you with a smoother ride
  • Department of Technology-sponsored installation of 1.75 miles of underground fiber optic cables to provide internet services and connect traffic signals
  • SF Public Utilities Commission-sponsored sewer work to replace or rehabilitate 1.5 miles of aging sewers and two miles of water lines, ensuring residents and businesses continue to receive high quality and reliable services around the clock.
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Contact Information 
Geary Rapid
Liz Brisson, project manager