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Have a say in the expansion of the Slow Streets Network!

This month the Slow Streets team published the 2023 Slow Streets Evaluation Report. The report highlighted that Slow Streets are safer than they were before being designated Slow Streets—there are fewer vehicles on them, and those vehicles are traveling slower. Slow Streets represent an important part of San Francisco’s active transportation network.

We want to hear from you! One of the ways in which new Slow Streets will be identified is through the development of the Active Communities Plan, which kicked off earlier this year. We invite you to have a say in the expansion of the Slow Streets network, and the active transportation network more broadly, by participating in the development of this plan.

What is the Active Communities Plan?

The San Francisco Active Communities Plan (ACP) is a 2-year planning process to develop a new plan for active mobility in San Francisco. The new plan directs SFMTA future investments in the active transportation network, support facilities, programs, and policies for the next 10-15 years. This new planning effort includes all devices that can legally use the active transportation network and elevates the voices and needs of equity priority communities.

How can I participate in the planning process?

Earth Day marked the start of the second phase of outreach for the Active Communities Plan; the SFMTA reached over 500 resident across 4 different events that day. Now that we’re into Bike Month, we want to celebrate biking, scooting, and rolling all across the City. 20 events are scheduled through June 10th and a brand new survey was launched to get feedback on what people need to bike, scoot, or roll more often – as well as what kinds of streets they feel are comfortable, safe, and welcoming for active transportation.

There are all kinds of ways to participate, including neighborhood audit bike rides, online webinars, and 21 energizer stations across the city for Bike to Wherever Day (tomorrow!)

We also have a new interactive map showing off our analysis of the network, where people are riding bikes and scooters, and more. Once you’ve had a chance to explore our interactive maps, take our survey. The results will help us develop network, program, and policy recommendations that directly reflect the needs and priorities of people across the City. The survey runs through July 31st.

If you want the Active Communities Plan team to attend your community meeting or event, contact!