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Lake Slow Street - Project Update 12/17/2021

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We’re looking forward to collaborating with you all on the design for Lake Street. This week, we moved into the design feedback phase with our Lake Street online open house, associated virtual meetings, as well as a survey to gather feedback on various design options. We held our first virtual meeting associated with the online open house last night and it was well attended. 

Access the Online Open House 

We’d like to take a moment to clarify the purpose of the design proposals survey. When the SFMTA Board authorized Lake Street as one of the first four post-pandemic Slow Streets in August, that represented the beginning of a process that we’re now in the midst of. Here’s some background on the post-pandemic Slow Streets process: 

A post-pandemic Slow Street is approved in two separate actions by two distinct parts of the SFMTA. 

  • The AUTHORIZATION of a Slow Street is granted by the SFMTA Board of Directors. This authorization allows the designation of a Slow Street corridor to extend into the future beyond the declaration of the State of Emergency. This occurred for Lake Street at the August 3 SFMTA Board meeting. 
  • The DESIGN of a Slow Street is determined through a community outreach process and approved by the City Traffic Engineer following a public hearing process. This is the process we kicked off in September and are continuing now. 

The current survey is an essential part of this design process—it's an opportunity to weigh in on potential options for the corridor. The Slow Streets team went through the same process to arrive at the designs for the post-pandemic Slow Streets that have been fully implemented so far (Sanchez and Shotwell). We look forward to hearing your feedback and perspectives as we continue in the design phase for Lake Street. 

Take the Design Proposals Survey

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming meetings on Lake Street on January 6 and January 16, 2021.

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