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Laurel Heights/Jordan Park Traffic Calming Project Update - February 16, 2018

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Thanks for your ongoing interest in the Euclid Avenue traffic calming project.  The following represents an update on the evaluation of the newly installed traffic circles as well as an expected timeline for the installation of the remaining traffic calming measures.

Traffic Circle Evaluation

A formal evaluation process of the traffic circles has been initiated.  On Tuesday, February 13 cameras captured twelve hours of footage at the Euclid/Parker intersection.  Consultants hired by the SFMTA will evaluate four hours of footage from the morning and afternoon peak periods against the primary concerns that have been raised by members of your community, including:

  1. Vehicle compliance at stop signs
  2. Driver yielding behavior to pedestrians in crosswalks
  3. Driver yielding behavior to cyclists in the traffic circle
  4. Vehicle turning path into the crosswalks around the traffic circle
  5. Traffic circle operations – drivers driving clockwise rather than counterclockwise through intersection

We expect that within a week the SFMTA will receive the recorded footage as well as an evaluation against the metrics described above.  We will use the results to determine what further design tweaks might be necessary.  More information on this evaluation will be provided in subsequent updates.

Traffic Calming Plan

As described in the January 26 update, the current effort represents the third, and final, phase of implementation of the Traffic Calming Plan. 

The remaining construction will take place over the next two weeks and are expected to be completed by March 4.  More specifically, the expected timeline for the final construction is as follows:

  • Landscaping for the two traffic circles – week of February 26
  • Three speed cushions (Euclid between Arguello/Palm, Palm/Jordan, and Iris/Manzanita) – week of February 19
  • Ten landscaped traffic islands (Euclid at Spruce, Heather, Iris, Manzanita and Laurel) – week of February 12 and 19
  • One channelizing island (Euclid at Laurel) – week of February 19
  • Removal of two-way center turn lane – COMPLETE
  • Two-foot striped buffer added to the existing bicycle lane – COMPLETE

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