Mission Bay Loop Project (Construction to begin as early as July 28)

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Now until Further Notice:  The SFMTA has resumed with exploratory excavation on 18th, 19th and Illinois streets. Postings about the construction can be found within the project area. “No parking” signage will be posted along Illinois Street as early as July 22. Once the “no parking” signage is posted, construction will begin within 3 days. Construction is anticipated to be completed within seven to eight months.

The Mission Bay Loop is a key component for San Francisco’s T Third rail line and is critical to operating the T-Third Central Subway service plan. The loop provides turn-around capabilities for the T-Third Street light rail line via a connection of trackway from 3rd Street to 18th, Illinois and 19th streets, which will allow the SFMTA to operate the necessary service levels needed to support current and planned growth within the eastern portion of San Francisco.

Traffic, including travelling by bike, may be affected by the construction work.  All work areas will be clearly marked and there will be flaggers to help direct traffic.  Travelling around and through the construction area should expect minor delays.

Local access to properties along the project site will be maintained.

For project details or to sign up to receive project updates, please visit https://www.sfmta.com/projects-planning/projects/mission-bay-loop.