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November 2017 Update: Meet the 16th Street Improvement Project

First things first: The 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project is being rolled into the bigger 16th Street Improvement Project and will go by that name going forward. This change highlights the large scope of the project and the fact that changes coming to 16th Street between Church and 3rd streets are much bigger than just the 22 Fillmore bus route.

This project is part of Muni Forward, an ongoing initiative to create a safe, reliable transit network and is a result of extensive community outreach and collaborative design with transit riders, merchants, residents, pedestrian and bicycle safety advocates and other key stakeholders.

The goal of the 16th Street Improvement Project is to provide transit, streetscape and underground utility improvements and includes the following elements:

Transit Improvements:

  • Dedicated transit lanes to increase reliably
  • Boarding islands and bus bulbs at transit stops to speed up boarding and increase safety
  • New traffic signals with improved timing and Transit Signal Priority to hold green lights for approaching buses
  • New overhead wires to upgrade and extend zero emissions electric trolley bus service

Pedestrian Safety Improvements:

  • Accessible pedestrian signals and continental crosswalks to improve safety for people walking
  • Sidewalk bulbs to shorten crossing distance and improve pedestrian safety

Streetscape and Utility Improvements:

  • Updated bus shelters
  • Approximately 200 new trees and additional sidewalk landscaping to beautify the corridor
  • Updated underground utilities including water, sewer and communication lines
  • Repaving 16th Street

The project will also reroute the 22 Fillmore route into Mission Bay. This requires extending the overhead contact system that powers our buses on 16th Street from Kansas Street to 3rd Street and will provide zero-emission transit service into Mission Bay. A replacement route is currently being developed that will continue to serve Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch once the 22 Fillmore shifts.

Transit Only Lanes Coming In November

Crews will begin striping new, interim transit-only lanes on 16th Street from Potrero Avenue to 4th Street this week. These new dedicated transit lanes will not be painted red, but will be reserved for buses and taxis at all times. The lanes will be on the curb side of the street and do not require removal of any parking. Private vehicles will be allowed to enter the lanes if they are making a right turn at the upcoming intersection.

Transit-only lanes are a proven way improve transit reliability and help buses bypass traffic. They will also help improve safety for people walking as active lanes of traffic will be reduced, returning this stretch of 16th Street back to one lane in each direction.

Construction Schedule

The contract for the project construction is currently out to bid with a tentative start date in the Spring of 2018. Construction is expected to last two and a half years and will be done in approximately the following sections:

  • Mission Bay to Potrero Avenue - Spring/Summer 2018 to Spring 2019
  • Potrero Avenue to Mission Street - Spring 2019 to Winter 2020
  • Mission Street to Church Street - Fall 2019 to Summer/Fall 2020

During the construction, there will be regular updates about the work schedules to help users of corridor know what to expect.

Stay Connected

For full details on the project, see the 16th Street Improvement Project webpage and sign up for future updates.