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Phase I Service Changes and Pedestrian Safety Improvements, August 2019

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In August 2019, the SFMTA implemented the initial phase of the 27 Bryant Project. The changes were designed to deliver transit reliability and safety benefits in advance of the full project construction. A route update and bus stop removals went into effect, and changes were made to curb paint in the Tenderloin and Nob Hill to facilitate the service change. Safety improvements for people walking will also be implemented. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in January 2021 the 27 Bryant route was temporarily modified to travel on 7th and 8th Streets. View the January 23, 2021 temporary routing. The information below is specific to the 2019 Phase I project improvements.

Phase I Service Changes: Saturday, August 10, 2019

  • Removing three bus stops (O’Farrell between Jones and Taylor, Mason at O’Farrell and Mason at Ellis) and establishing two new bus stops (Jones at O’Farrell and Eddy at Jones) for the 27 Bryant reroute.
  • Removing another eight bus stops, retaining 75% of bus stops in the project area to improve Muni reliability. See map for specific changes.

27 Bryant Route north of market street with August 2019 stop removals and reroute

Legend for 27 Bryant route map north of Market Street

Bus Stop Changes and Route Adjustment

The 27 Bryant Project proposal maintains 75% of stops (with 10 bus stop removals). We evaluate stop changes with SFMTA Accessible Services team, SFMTA Multimodal Accessibility Advisory Committee, Senior and Disability Action and community stakeholders. The route adjustment reduces the number of turns the bus has to make going towards Market, improving safety.

  • Safer for buses to navigate
  • Reduces need for bus to merge across lanes
  • Bus operators favor updated route
  • Brings people closer to Boeddeker Park, Tenderloin Police Station and affordable housing


Pedestrian Safety Improvements and Parking Changes

  • Extending bus zones at eight bus stops so buses can pull to the curb completely, making it easier for customers to board. This will remove some parking spaces.
  • Upgrading existing crosswalks and adding red zones at corners to increase visibility of people walking across the street. The red zones will remove some parking spaces.
  • Adding eight parking spaces and nine commercial loading spaces to encourage more efficient use of parking.
  • Adding longer signal time for people walking to get a head start when crossing the street.

View block-by-block maps of transit and pedestrian safety improvements being implemented.