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Phase One of 29 Sunset Improvement Project is approved

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At the June 6 SFMTA Board meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved Phase One of the 29 Sunset Improvement Project.  

Phase One focuses on the western portion of the route between Baker Beach and Junipero Serra Boulevard. We expect that the approved improvements will reduce evening peak travel times on the 29 Sunset by approximately 15-20% on this segment once implemented. 

Quick-Build implementation coming this year 

While construction won’t begin until 2025, expect to see benefits from some quick-build elements within the next year, including: 

Bus stop relocation: Many existing bus stops are before the intersection, known as the “near side.” This generally results in more delay, partly because if the stop is on the far side, we can use “transit signal priority.” This is a feature that extends the green light to allow buses to pass through the intersection, avoiding delay and shortening travel time.   

Bus stop consolidation: Many stops on the 29 Sunset are closer than the 800-foot minimum distance recommended by the SFMTA’s stop spacing guidelines. This creates unnecessary travel time delays. Removing select stops that aren’t near major destinations or transit connections will reduce travel times and make the route more reliable. 

Temporary bus bulbs: Bus bulbs extend sidewalks at bus stops into the curbside parking and loading lane. This allows buses to avoid having to pull back into traffic, which improves reliability and travel time. It also allows buses to pull closer to the curb, making loading and unloading more accessible. Temporary bus bulbs will be installed to bring these benefits until construction provides a permanent solution.  

Stay involved for Phase Two 

The approval of Phase One means that we will begin outreach soon on the project’s Phase Two. Phase Two will focus on improvements on the southern portion of the route. On this section, between Junipero Serra Boulevard and the Bayview, the 29 Sunset connects neighborhoods including Ingleside, the Excelsior and the Portola.  

To stay involved, sign up for project updates and visit the project page for more information.