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Potrero Yard Modernization Project Fall 2023 Newsletter

Neighborhoods Affected

Welcome to the second edition of the Potrero Yard Modernization Project newsletter. Check out the latest updates to replace Muni's obsolete, century-old bus yard with a modern, efficient bus maintenance and storage facility that will integrate new affordable housing and retail spaces.

In This Issue:

Recent Milestones

Updated Schematic Design | Open House

Project Updates

Paratransit Alternative | Housing & Amenities | Sustainable Transit Options | Biking & Streetscape

Engagement Opportunities

Community Engagement | Listening Sessions | SFMTA EventsIAP2 Award | Fostering Local Small Business Participation | Public Art

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Recent Milestones

Updated Schematic Design


In August, PNC submitted the updated Draft Schematic Design. This comprehensive blueprint represents four years’ worth of community listening sessions, survey results, Working Group meetings, and community events, all dedicated to incorporating the community 's wants and needs into the future of the bus yard. Take a look at the renderings below:

 Image of an urban multi-use building, showing a Muni bus approaching a vehicle entrance and street activity
Mariposa & Hampshire streets rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Image of an urban multi-use building showing vehicles parked and moving on the street.
York Street rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

 KQED building and retail corner of bus yard at Bryant Street
Bryant & Mariposa streets rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Retail streetscape at Hampshire Street with bicyclists and vehicles
Hampshire & 17th streets rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Residential entrance at 17th Street with crosswalk intersection and bicyclists
17th & Bryant streets rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

View of building heights with trees and windows along Bryant Street.
West elevation (Arcadis IBI Group)

Close-up of a retail entrance with pedestrians walking, bike lane, and 27 Muni stop
17th & Bryant streets rendering, showing entrance for SFMTA, retail, and public restroom. (Arcadis IBI Group)

View of housing entrance with close-up of art opportunity and trees
Hampshire Street residential entrance rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

View of podium walkway from up close with flora surrounding lawn
Rendering showing housing element with garden space. (Arcadis IBI Group)

View of the podium from the interior with residents on the lawn
Rendering showing housing element with garden space. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Aerial perspective of entire project from the North West perspective
Aerial view rendering, viewed from northwest. (Arcadis IBI Group)


Updated Schematic Design Open House


On September 20th, we hosted a Community Open House and tours of the bus yard. We had the pleasure of hosting over 50 neighbors, business owners, and members of the community. Tours of the bus yard were provided in English and Spanish.

Full view from the welcome table of Z Space in Potrero Yard with staff and community members standing by Project Boards
Community Open House, September 20, 2023. Z Space, 450 Florida Street, San Francisco.

SF Arts Commission representatives speaking to community members about art opportunities with the Project
SF Arts Commission staffer Jackie von Treskow speaking to community members about art opportunities with the Project.

MEDA Representative speaking to staff at the event
MEDA Representative speaking to staff at the event.

SFMTA Staff preparing community members for an in-person tour of the bus yard with translators and support
SFMTA staffers preparing community members for a tour of the bus yard with translators and support.

Were you not able to attend? Take a look at the event’s presentation boards and informational flyers.

Project Updates

Paratransit Alternative


As PNC approaches submitting the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR), the submission includes designs for studying a Paratransit variant in which the top of the bus facility could be used for the SFMTA’s paratransit fleet. San Francisco Paratransit service is a door-to-door van and taxi program for people unable to independently use or access Muni because of a disability or disabling health condition.

Housing above the bus facility remains the FEIR-proposed Project. Putting housing or paratransit above the bus facility requires including a reinforced podium above the roof to provide needed increased structural strength. Given that the bus facility construction will likely occur before construction of the proposed housing, studying this transportation-related use would allow the SFMTA to fund this reinforced podium and provide extra time for housing to be built.

While the paratransit variant does reduce the number of top-floor housing units, it upholds PNC’s commitment to sustainability and the SFMTA’s service of accessible transportation for all. The needs of the neighborhood and community members are continued to be prioritized as we approach the entitlement process.

renderings of building variation alternatives for the Project site submitted for DEIR
Proposed Project Alternatives submitted for DEIR.

rendering of Paratransit Proposal building variation alternative for the Potrero Yard Project site
Proposed Paratransit Variant illustrating the SFMTA Paratransit division atop podium.

Various renderings of building variation alternatives
Final EIR Proposed Project showing housing atop podium.


Housing & Amenities


This is the first known project in the nation with a bus yard operations facility and affordable housing combined.

image of a large multi-use urban building.showing a residential entrance with pedestrians walking
Bryant Street residential entrance rendering. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Key features of the housing component:

  • Income-restricted affordable housing: We are dedicated to providing up to 513 income-restricted affordable housing units, ensuring the community thrives with a diverse range of living options.
  • Versatile apartment offerings: The housing component includes a range of apartment choices, from studios to 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, catering to various lifestyles and needs.
  • Diverse housing for all: Keeping inclusivity at the forefront, the Project envisions affordable housing options for seniors, families, and workers.

The availability of these housing options will be subject to funding sources and market feasibility. In order to maximize all funding opportunities, PNC is modifying the housing that was formerly designated senior housing, to all-family affordable housing. While this will not increase the number of units on the Project, it will increase the number of bedrooms.

Target area median income (AMI) for all housing is based on eligibility requirements as defined by the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD). For more information, please visit:

An aerial view of a large multi-use urban building, showing a podium, housing structures and with community garden and rooftop greenery spaces.
A rendering of the podium, from the south, showing landscape concepts. (Arcadis IBI Group)

Sustainable Transit Options


Transit Opportunities for a More Sustainable City

The Project includes elements that are aligned with LEED Gold certification, such as designs and operations that reduce emissions, and healthier spaces by meeting criteria related to energy, water, waste, transportation, materials, health, and indoor air quality. The Project will continue to meet sustainability goals through the Transportation Demand Management Program. Key elements of the Program are below:

SF Transit-First City Policy

Following the SF Transit-First City Policy, the Project promotes public transit, biking, walking, and other sustainable transportation modes while discouraging private car use. The Project is located in a prominent transit zone, close to several Muni bus routes and is within a half-mile of BART’s 16th St station. There will be no designated parking for residents in the Project. The bus yard facility includes 84 spaces for Non Revenue Vehicles (NRVs) for SFMTA use.

Transit Resources for Residents and Neighbors

We are actively exploring ways to ensure residents and neighbors have access to convenient, safe, and reliable transportation options. Potential resources may include:

  • Monthly transit passes for Potrero Yard residents
  • Expanded and safeguarded bike lanes
  • Class II bike parking facilities around the site
  • Enhanced signage highlighting transportation options within a 0.5-mile radius
  • Real-time displays of nearby transit arrival times
  • Improved pedestrian sidewalks for added safety and comfort

Onsite Resources for Reduced Travel

To further support residents' transportation needs and minimize the need to travel to resources, we are considering onsite amenities such as:

  • Childcare services
  • Laundry facilities
  • Fitness equipment
  • Package delivery lockers
  • Car-sharing and short-term car rental services
  • Drop-off zones for ride-sharing services

PNC and the SFMTA are committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant community where environmental responsibility and transportation convenience go hand-in-hand. Together, we 're building a greener, more accessible future for all.


Biking & Streetscape


In alignment with the existing San Francisco Bike Network, we are enhancing the biking experience with upgraded bike lanes along 17th Street (between Bryant and Hampshire streets) and bike racks around the site. These enhancements are designed to create a safer and more convenient space for cyclists and encourage bike riding.

 street scene showing a multi-use roadway with a bike lane, vendor kiosks and trees along a sidewalk, and glass building facad
Illustration showing protected bike lane (at left) and vendors using kiosk spaces along the sidewalk. At right, a bus traveling on one of the interior circulation ramps is visible through the glass wall along 17th Street. (Arcadis IBI Group)

As we envision a bike-friendly environment, the Project proposes the following amenities:

  • 37 Class II bike racks around the site and over 300 Class I spaces for long term parking within the Project
  • Parking removed along 17th Street, allowing for safer bike movements.
  • Bike lanes are a minimum of 5 feet wide (but typically 6 feet in most areas; width varies due to variation in curb width).
  • Bike lane remains at road level, protected by a raised curb (median).
  • Concrete curb is six inches high on both sides of 17th Street. It is consistently two feet wide.

Concrete curb on the south side is mountable to allow for emergency vehicle access.

17th Street Bike lane

proposed bike lane configruation along 17th street between Bryant and Hampshire streets


Raised crosswalk at intersection of Hampshire and 17th streets

proposed crosswalk configuration at Hampshire and 17th streets

At the heart of the Potrero Yard Modernization Project lies a commitment to fostering an improved streetscape environment that improved safety and encourages street-level activity on 17th Street. A vibrant streetscape will invite residents and visitors to come together and engage through:

  • Public Art
  • Public restrooms
  • Updated landscaping
  • Safety enhancements for bicyclists
  • Flexible multipurpose spaces
  • Public visibility into the Muni operations

Close-up of retail entryway with bike rack, bench, and pedestrians
17th & Bryant streets rendering, showing entrance for SFMTA, retail, and public restroom. (Arcadis IBI Group)


    Engagement Opportunities

    Recent Outreach Activities


    We're excited to share recent activities that took place throughout the summer and fall. We hope to see you in the neighborhood.

    Community Engagement:


    MY-T team -- MEDA, YCD, TCDC -- tabling at Fiesta de las Americas
    MY-T (Mission Economic Development Agency, Young Community Developers, Tabernacle Community Development Corporation) team tabling at Fiesta de las Americas, Sep. 16. 2023.

    MY-T staff speaking to community members and representatives of Calle 24
    MY-T staff speaking to community members and representatives of Calle 24 at Fiesta de las Americas, Sep. 16. 2023.

    image advertising Transit month event

    • Oct. 15: Phoenix Day – Sunday Streets: Team members participated in the comedy festival block party hosted by Mutiny Radio on 21st Street.

    MEDA staffer at Phoenix Day event, Oct 15, 2023.
    MEDA staffer at Phoenix Day event, Oct 15, 2023.

    people under a tent canopy smile at the camera. they are surrounded with visual informational boards
    Project team members at Phoenix Day event, Oct 15, 2023.

    Project team members giving information to a member of the community
    Bonnie Jean von Krogh of the SFMTA chatting with community members at the Potrero Hill Festival on Oct 21, 2023.

    Two people looking at the camera while smiling and gesturing towards visual and printed information on a table
    Kerstin Magary of the SFMTA and Sean O 'Brien of SF Public Works at the Potrero Hill Festival on Oct 21, 2023.

    Listening Sessions


    Meetings have taken place with community organizations:

    Businesses on Hampshire Street • Calle 24 • Dogpatch / Potrero Boosters Joint Livable Streets Committee • Friends of Franklin Square • Huntersview HOPE SF • KQED • Latino Taskforce (LTF) • Mission Destino • Potrero Boosters Design & Development Committee • Rowan Homeowners Association • San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce • San Francisco Bike Coalition • San Francisco Latino & Black Builders Association • San Francisco Latino Parity & Equity Coalition • Sierra Club • Together SF • Various artists

    If your organization would like to meet with the Project team, please email

    SFMTA Events


    Sep. 19:

    • SFMTA staff and Project team members met with graveyard, day and swing shift Maintenance crews at the Yard to update staff on the Project 's 100% Draft Schematic Designs.
    • A BBQ at the Yard where Muni Operators and staff were presented with the 100% Draft Schematic Designs and Project updates.

    BBQ being served
    Staff BBQ at Potrero Yard, Sep. 19, 2023.

    MUNI bus yard workers watching a presentation with SFMTA Staff discussing Project details
    Project staff presented updates to front-line workers at the yard, Sep. 19, 2023.

    FMTA and Project staff presenting updates to front-line workers at the yard.
    SFMTA staff presented updates to front-line workers at the yard, Sep. 19, 2023.

    International Association for Public Participation Award


    IAP2 logoThe SFMTA was awarded an IAP2 Public Participation award for strong outreach and engagement throughout the Project. A key part of the Project’s engagement has been the Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group, which was created in 2018. This group serves as a conduit to the greater community. Bilingual English-Spanish communications have also been part of public engagement from the start.

    IAP2 President Heather Imboden commented, “It was remarkable that what could have been approached by [the] SFMTA as a simple modernization of a bus yard project instead acknowledged the community’s gentrification issues and created a multiple benefit project that addressed the community’s affordable housing challenges in a meaningful way.” 


    Fostering Local Small Business Participation


    In our efforts to enforce local hire and local contractor inclusion, PNC will host a General Contractor and LBE Networking Event with the qualified General Contractors. This event will be open to all certified LBEs in San Francisco and information will be shared by email. For now, make sure you are certified with CMD, and gather your statement of qualifications and work experiences.


    Public Art


    Call for Artists!

    The SF Arts Commission has announced the Public Art Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and is inviting artists to apply for the Project's art opportunities. The deadline to apply is Monday, January 22, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

    Artists and artist teams residing in the United States can submit qualifications for three significant public artwork opportunities for the Potrero Yard Modernization Project.

    Apply Here

    Learn more about the process by attending a Pre-Application Technical Workshop:

    In-Person Workshop:

    • Wednesday, November 29, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. PST
    • Reserve a spot to get location details

    View a recording of the Virtual Pre-Application Workshop that was held on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 (use password: PxNg33x5).

    The SFMTA and PNC are partnering with the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) to create inviting artwork that:

    1. Illuminates and celebrates the people, history and diverse cultures of San Francisco’s Potrero Hill and Mission neighborhoods and adjacent American Indian and Calle 24 Cultural Districts and;
    2. Highlights SFMTA’s goals to promote environmental stewardship and provide reliable, safe, and affordable transportation for all.

    Feedback collected from the community indicates a desire for colorful, uplifting artwork that represents the local history and culture of San Francisco and the Mission and Potrero Hill communities.

    There are three unique areas on the bus yard facility that have been identified for public art. Materials under consideration include glass and ceramic or mosaic tile, which will allow for the translation of two-dimensional mediums such as murals, paintings, photographs and prints into durable, permanent public artworks.

    North elevation showing locations of art opportunities on the Project site.
    Locations of art opportunities along 17th Street.

    South elevation showing location of art opportunities on the Project site.
    Locations of art opportunities along York Street.

    A review panel is being assembled for the artist review process and will include members from SFAC, the Working Group and the community. There will be two 4-hour panel meetings for each art opportunity. The composition of the panel is below:

    • One (1) Arts Commissioner
    • One (1) MTA Representative
    • One (1) PNC Representative
    • One (1) Community Representative
    • Three (3) Arts Professionals

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