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Potrero Yard Project Request for Qualifications Process

Neighborhoods Affected

List of Top Qualified Developer Teams Released 

Short-List will be invited to Submit Proposals for Potrero Yard Modernization Project

The SFMTA has met a milestone in the development selection process for the Potrero Yard Modernization Project. On December 23, 2020, the San Francisco Office of Contract Administration (OCA), on behalf of the SFMTA, has released the results of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process for the project. In the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase, the list of three qualified infrastructure developers and their corresponding project teams will be invited to compete to reimagine one of Muni’s oldest transit yards for future generations. 

This innovative project will replace the obsolete bus facility and yard with a modern, seismically-stable three-story bus maintenance and storage garage, equipped to serve the SFMTA’s fleet as it grows and transitions to battery electric vehicles. The updated yard will be  better able to support Muni operations, maintenance and cleaning and will ensure that essential SFMTA staff are able to safely and effectively conduct their jobs. 

This first-in-the-nation mixed-use bus yard will also maximize the opportunity to support the city’s affordable housing goals. It will include up to 575 rental units of housing with a minimum of 50% affordable housing.The SFMTA and the city are challenging the developer teams to maximize the number of affordable housing units on the site as part of the Request for Proposals (RFP) process and welcome 100% affordable housing programs. 

Following the RFQ process administered by the Department of Public Works, three development teams have been announced to proceed to the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase, which will commence in early 2021. The three infrastructure developer-led teams moving forward to the RFP phase are (in alphabetical order): 

  • Potrero Mission Community Partners, led by John Laing Limited and Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC
    • Lead Master Developer – controlling Equity Member: John Laing Limited
    • Lead Master Developer – additional Equity Member: Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC
    • Affordable Housing Developer: San Francisco Housing Development Corporation & Jonathan Rose Companies
    • Housing Developer: San Francisco Housing Development Corporation & Jonathan Rose Companies
    • Design Consultant: STV Incorporated, Perkins and Will, Paulett Taggart Architects, Quezada Architecture, Jackson Liles, GLS Landscape | Architecture, Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
    • Construction Management Consultant: Clark Construction Group
    • Infrastructure Facility Management Consultant: P1 Consulting


  • Potrero Neighborhood Collective, led by Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc.
    • Lead Master Developer – controlling Equity Member: Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc.
    • Lead Master Developer – additional Equity Member(s): N/A
    • Affordable Housing Developer: Mission Economic Development Agency, Young Community Developers, Inc., Tabernacle Community Development Corp
    • Housing Developer: Presidio Development Partners, LLC, Tabernacle Community Development Corp,
    • Design Consultant: IBI Group, a California Partnership, Y.A. studio
    • Construction Management Consultant: Plant Construction Company, L.P., The Allen Group, LLC
    • Infrastructure Facility Management Consultant: WT Partnership


  • Potrero Yard Community Partners, led by Fengate Asset Management and Emerald Fund, Inc.
    • Lead Master Developer controlling Equity Member: Fengate Asset Management (“Fengate”)
    • Lead Master Developer –additional Equity Member(s): Emerald Fund, Inc. (“Emerald Fund”), American Triple I Partners, LLC (“ATI”)
    • Affordable Housing Developer: Mission Housing Development Corporation (“Mission Housing”)
    • Housing Developer: Emerald Fund
    • Design Consultant: Stantec Architecture Inc. (“Stantec”), Solomon Cordwell Buenz (“SCB”), Kennerly Architecture & Planning (“Kennerly”) (LBE)
    • Construction Management Consultant: Hollins Consulting Ltd. (“Hollins”), Waypoint Consulting Ltd. (“Waypoint”), Emerald Fund
    • Infrastructure Facility Management Consultant: Altus Group Ltd. (“Altus”), Fengate

San Francisco Public Works is administering the contract on behalf of the SFMTA. The RFQ Documents and list of short-listed firms can be found at the Public Works Electronic Bid Documents Download site

As the City and County of San Francisco and the SFMTA grapple with serious budget challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project is an essential capital investment to support Muni bus operations such as the 14 Mission, 5 Fulton and 22 Fillmore. The project also demonstrates the agency’s commitment to essential workers, who work tirelessly to power the Muni system.

The project is also undergoing an environmental review process led by the SF Planning Department. The environmental review documents are available on SF Planning’s Environmental Review Documents site. 

For more Potrero Yard Modernization Project details and to sign up for project updates, please visit SFMTA.com/PotreroYard or email PotreroYard@sfmta.com.