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Protected Bikeways Coming to Valencia Street in 2022

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Thanks for your interest in the Valencia Bikeway Improvements Project.

Over the course of the last two years, Valencia Street and other city streets, have experienced a transformational change in how public places have traditionally been used. Shared Spaces have also offered businesses an option for economic revitalization through outdoor dining, food and services pick-up, customer queuing space, and other neighborhood retail activities in the public right of way.

In our last project update in spring 2021, we awaited a more formalized Shared Spaces Program in order to help inform how the Valencia project team should move forward. As mentioned in that update, with the introduction of new Shared Spaces and parklets, an additional layer of complexity is added with the original parking-protected bikeway proposal that was shared in February 2020. It is now clear that Shared Spaces will remain a significant part of Valencia’s future, but while they must be accounted for in the roadway design, they in no way supersede the need for protected bike lanes on Valencia. To meet our city’s goals for a safe, vibrant and multimodal Valencia Street, we need Shared Spaces and protected bike lanes.

With the future of Shared Spaces becoming more clear, we are resuming design efforts, and the SFMTA is committed to installing protected bikeways on Valencia Street in 2022. We will also be assessing areas to install pedestrian improvements and a better allocation of curb spaces on Valencia Street. Please stay tuned in the upcoming months on how you can stay informed and get involved.