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Please see Related Projects on this page for current project information. We are keeping this page as a record of SFMTA outreach.

San Bruno Ave Cantonese Kickoff Meeting Comments

  • Date: 8/26/15
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: SF Community Empowerment Center

About 50 attendees from the community were present. Below is a summary of the comments received.

Muni Forward - Transit


Next Steps

Concerns about narrow sidewalks and effects on shelters (particular concern at Silver and Bacon)

SFMTA will investigate solutions for wider sidewalks, including discussions with Caltrans.

More Muni service to Chinatown

Service increases were implemented in April 2015 on the 8 Bayshore routes, some new buses have arrived and more are on the way.

More Muni service during peak hours

9R frequency is improving in September 2015. 9R currently arrive every 12 mins. More buses will be added so that buses arrive every 8 mins.

Stagger bus stops

Bus stop locations will be evaluated and adjustments will be proposed at future community meetings.

Congestion at Silliman

This intersection is partly controlled by Caltrans so changes may be difficult, but options to improve conditions will be explored.

Congestion at Silver

Various design options will be considered, including changes to the lane configuration at the intersection approaches and different signal timing.

No shelter at Bacon bus stops

If space is sufficient, a shelter will be recommended for Bacon.

More NextBus displays

Additional NextBus displays will be evaluated.

Unclear signage at certain bus stops along corridor

New signage is coming soon to the area.

Concern about the streets on which buses travel

The plan is to keep Muni buses on San Bruno Ave.



Next Steps

Double parking results in congestion issues

The project will evaluate suitability of loading zone locations and additional enforcement at select times.

The parking limits are too long

Reduced parking time limits can be evaluated. 1 hour is the shortest typical meter time (other than Green zones).

Parking issues on San Bruno is particularly an issue during morning and lunch peaks as well as increasingly on weekends

We can observe during these times.

Very little parking availability beyond the 3 blocks commercial area (Silliman to Bacon)

Additional metered spaces can be considered.

Very little metered parking off San Bruno (Burrows and Felton St)

Additional metered spaces can be considered.

Concern about introduction a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) area. (http://www.sfmta.com/rpp)

The preferential residential parking system was established in 1976 to preserve neighborhood living within a major urban center. It is designed to promote the safety, health and welfare of all San Francisco residents by reducing unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel, noise and pollution, and by promoting improvements in air quality, convenience and attractiveness of urban residential living, as well as increased use of public mass transit. The main goal of the program is to provide more parking spaces for residents by discouraging long-term parking by people who do not live in the area. There are currently 28 residential permit areas in the City. The SFMTA does not have plans to add a new RPP in the Portola. The process to create a new RPP area requires a petition signed by at least 250 households (one signature per household) in the proposed area.

Build a parking structure in the area

The SFMTA does not have plans to build any new parking structures. Other tools and policies can be explored to better manage parking supply and demand.

Ability to add angle parking on side streets?

This can be evaluated, sometimes this does not result in increased parking because of driveways.

Vision Zero


Next Steps

Safety concerns for people walking at Felton, Silliman, Bacon, and Silver

The SFMTA Vision Zero Team is actively developing solutions to improve safety for people walking at these and other intersections along SBA.

Open crosswalk at Mansell

This will be evaluated.

Daylight crosswalks

This will likely to added at all intersections along SBA.