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San Bruno Ave Multimodal Improvement Project

Project Introduction

The San Bruno Ave Multimodal Improvement Project was approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors in Fall 2016 after extensive community outreach.  View project details (updated August 2019) for intersections on San Bruno Ave between Arleta Blvd and Silver Ave.  The first phase of construction work has been completed in August 2017, which included pedestrian safety, transit priority and parking modifications. The project extended bus zones to accommodate longer 9R San Bruno Rapid and 8/8AX Bayshore buses to help buses travel more smoothly along the corridor, serving 42,000 daily Muni riders. 

The project is now approaching the final construction phase, scheduled to begin in early Winter 2019 by our partner agency San Francisco Public Works leading the day to day construction.  .  
You’ll see sidewalk extensions, street corner extensions for pedestrian visibility, and a new traffic signal to improve service on the 8/8AX Bayshore and 9/9R San Bruno Ave routes once construction is complete, scheduled for Summer 2019. These additional features will help improve reliability and travel time for these lines, reducing long waits at stops and crowding on buses Sign up for project updates to stay in the loop on progress! 

The San Bruno Multimodal Improvement Project incorporates elements from several ongoing strategic planning initiatives including Muni Forward and Vision Zero. The project will also include the development of a parking management strategy, along with early implementation of parking recommendations.

Project Goals

1) Improve safety along San Bruno Ave for people walking and bicycling

  • Reduce pedestrian and vehicle conflicts, in support of Vision Zero
  • Improve connections for cyclists 

2) Improve reliability and travel time for 8 Bayshore and 9 San Bruno riders 

  • Reduce long waits at the stopand crowding 
  • Make it easier and more convienent for residents to take Muni to get to work, school, appointments or shopping

3) Improve parking conditions

  • Reduce double parking

Crowded San Bruno Bus

Project Status
Implementation / Construction
SFMTA Muni bus icon


Intersection Upgrades on San Bruno Ave


  1. New Traffic Signal at Felton Street. The existing outbound (southbound) bus stop will move across the street after the signal is activated (net loss of 3 parking spaces).

  2. Pedestrian Crossing Beacons at Burrows St and Wayland St. When activated by pedestrians, the beacons will flash to warn drivers.

Transit Bulbs (Sidewalk Extensions) on San Bruno Ave


  1. Eliminates need for buses to exit and re-enter the travel lane, saving travel time.

  2. Easier boarding for seniors and persons with disabilities.

  3. More space for a transit shelter, waiting riders, landscaping and other amenities.


  1. Mansell St, northwest corner (removes 2 parking spaces)

  2. Bacon St, southwest corner (replaces existing bus zone and removes 3 parking spaces)

    1. Bacon St, northwest corner (removes 5 parking spaces for right turn pocket, updated September 2019)

  3. Bacon St, northeast corner (replaces existing bus zone)

    1. Bacon Street, southeast corner (removes 4 parking spaces for right turn pocket, updated September 2019)

  4. Thornton, southwest corner (sidewalk extension into Thornton)

  5. Silver Ave, mid-block between Silver and Silliman (removes 5 metered parking spaces for widened travel lane)

Pedestrian Bulbs (Sidewalk Extensions) on San Bruno Ave


  1. Increases the visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross the street and shortens crossing distances

  2. Slows down turning vehicles

  3. Improves accessible curb ramps


  1. Brussels Street Stairs (west and east side)

  2. Woolsey Street (northwest, southwest, and southeast corners)

  3. Wayland Street (northwest and southwest corners)

  4. Burrows Street (southwest corner)

Other Project Components

  1. Bike lanes on San Bruno Ave between Mansell and Dwight

  2. Upgrades to high visibility crosswalks

  3. Commercial and passenger loading zone changes

  4. Metered parking expansion between Wayland and Woolsey



The project was approved by the SFMTA Board in 2016 after extensive community outreach. Please visit the project website (www.sfmta.com/sanbruno) for project details at intersections on San Bruno Ave between Arleta Blvd and Silver Ave.

San Francisco Public Works

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

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