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Summer 2022 Safer Taylor Project Update

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Happy summer!

Construction has officially begun on the Safer Taylor Project. This project, developed in close partnership with the Tenderloin community and organizations including Tenderloin Safe Passage, Walk SF, Tenderloin CBD, Glide, the Tenderloin Traffic Safety Task Force, and more, will bring improvements to Taylor Street to make it safer and more livable for all. 

Construction is expected to continue through early 2024. By the end of the project, Taylor Street will be transformed to include: 

  • Wider sidewalks and bulbouts between Turk and Ellis to calm traffic 
  • A new dedicated left turn signal at Geary for drivers to create separation from pedestrians crossing at intersections, similar to what has already been installed at Turk and Ellis. 
  • Curb ramps at all crosswalks to improve accessibility 
  • 22 new street trees, seating cubes, and planters with integrated seating to beautify the street and add community-building elements 
  • Decorative crosswalks to reflect the surrounding community 

Our partners at Public Works are leading the construction phase of the Safer Taylor Project and directly oversee the contractor implementing these improvements. 
While we look forward to the completed work on Taylor Street, we recognize that extended construction projects can create disruption for the community and for businesses along the corridor. The project team is committed to working with stakeholders to understand needs and provide support throughout construction.  

Are you a community member or local business representative with questions about the Safer Taylor construction? Are you planning an event in the Tenderloin and want to know how to coordinate around the ongoing project implementation? 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the project team and we will be happy to assist you. 

Gabriel Ho, Project Manager: 
Eillie Anzilotti, Public Relations Officer: