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Valencia Bikeway Improvements - July 2023 Project Update

We're excited to announce that the mid-Valencia pilot will officially start on August 1st, 2023! Construction on the project is now substantially complete; we’ll be installing the remaining bollards and completing some painting in the coming weeks. Thank you everyone, especially the Valencia community, for your patience during the construction period.

What comes next?

We will spend the next 12 months closely evaluating the mid-Valencia Street pilot design for its safety and effectiveness; data collection will start in the fall. As the pilot progresses, we will consider design adjustments to improve safety and effectiveness. Your input and experiences will be instrumental in shaping these enhancements. SFMTA’s enforcement division will also conduct regular traffic enforcement to ensure all roadway users are properly using the street and following all parking and loading regulations.

The project team plans to return to the SFMTA Board of Directors in the winter to provide an update on the pilot.

Valencia Pilot and Beyond

When we talked to the community about this center-running protected bikeway, we heard loud and clear the desire to do more beyond this pilot.

And so, the project team will also start work on two studies to help inform a future design for Valencia. The first study is a traffic and circulation study to assess circulation impacts of long-term designs. The second study is a public realm/public space study to think about how to ensure Valencia isn’t just a safe and convenient street to travel on, but a great place to visit and spend time outside. More information about the forthcoming planning and design process for a long-term design on Valencia Street, which includes additional community engagement, will be announced in the future.

Further Details

Curb painting and sign installation associated with the new curb management plan is now complete. Minor items, such as the painting of parking T’s for spaces are scheduled for this week. Additionally, parking meters for new general metered spaces on side streets have now been activated. Please pay attention to all parking and loading signs along the block and side streets adjacent to Valencia Street for new regulations. Violators of regulations are subject to citation or tow.

Valencia Colored Curb Guide


In the coming weeks we will also be installing the remaining bikeway protective materials, K71 bollards, to enhance safety and deter vehicle encroachment along the bikeway. This addition will further safeguard people on bikes. We will also install missing rubber curb that protects the bikeway near Valencia and 19th Street. The curbs were not initially installed due to ongoing repair work by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

For your convenience, we have prepared an educational factsheet on how to navigate the street during the pilot period. This will guide you through the new design elements and regulations, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for all.

Mid-Valencia Pilot Educational Factsheet

We are excited about the possibilities this pilot project brings, and we look forward to your continued support and feedback throughout the 12-month pilot period.

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