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The glow of a Blue Light emergency telephone is seen on the Muni subway wall.  These phones are installed in various locations throughout the system and are used only in an emergency situation.

March 26, 2016 Alert: Subway service will start one hour late this weekend. All Muni Metro stations will open at 7 AM on Saturday and 9 AM on Sunday.

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March 26, 2016 Alert: Subway service will start one hour late this weekend. All Muni Metro stations will open at 7 AM on Saturday and 9 AM on Sunday. 

The Muni Subway Upgrade Project encompasses the Blue Light Emergency Telephone Replacement, Radio Replacement and Twin Peaks Tunnel Track Replacement projects.  The Blue Light Emergency Telephone Replacement and Radio Replacement projects have finished the work that required early shutdowns of the subway in February 2016. The plan is to complete the rest of the work during non-revenue hours. The Twin Peaks Tunnel Track Replacement is scheduled to begin in Summer 2016. 


The track and track infrastructure between Castro and West Portal stations will be replaced.  Additional improvements will include repairs to the tunnel walls and ceiling, replaing the track interlockings and switches outside of West Portal station, and seismic improvements to the eastern end of the original Twin Peaks Tunnel (Eureka Valley station).  The current tracks were laid in 1975 and are reaching the end of their useful lives.  This improvement is to ensure that the tunnel is maintained and kept in good working order, which helps keep Muni trains running safely and reliably through the tunnel.  Currently, there is a speed restriction for trains moving through the tunnel.  Trains can travel between 20-25 mph through the tunnel currently.  With the new tracks in place, the speed restriction would be lifted and trains can move between 40-50 mph through here.  The seismic improvements to the Eureka Valley station will provide further protection to the tunnel and the homes and streets that sit above it.  

The track replacement will begin after the Radio and Blue Light projects have completed.

Please visit the Twin Peaks Tunnel track replacement webpage for additional information.

RADIO REPLACEMENT and Blue Light Emergency Telephone Replacement

The Blue Light Emergency Telephones provide direct access to emergency services in the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency. Replacing the existing 90 old phones with 181 new ones improved emergency communications for Muni customers and first responders.  Though these phones are only used in emergency situations, the upgrade to a more dependable system was needed to deal with unplanned emergencies, such as a natural disaster or a medical emergency.

The Radio Replacement replaced the old analog radio system and upgraded it to digital technology. It greatly improved communications with operators and support personnel by expanding the number of channels from the existing 11 to 26.  The new technology expands the audio and visual “next stop” announcements in the subway and on surface light rail vehicles, which is especially helpful to people with disabilities.  It provides Data and Reporting to assist with delivery performance analysis and vehicle incident management. 

Radio and Blue Light Projects Factsheet PDF


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