30 Stockton Transit Priority Project

Project Introduction

The 30 Stockton is one of Muni’s busiest routes, serving about 28,000 customers every day. As part of Muni Forward, SFMTA is proposing transit priority and pedestrian safety improvements along the route that will make it safer to walk, increase the frequency and reliability of service, and enhance the customer experience—on and off the bus. Project segments on the route include Columbus, Stockton, North Point, Van Ness and Chestnut.


    Project Status
    1. Current

    What's being included as part of the 30 Stock Transity Priority Project?

    AM peak dedicated transit lanes allow buses to bypass traffic during the morning peak, reducing delay and making for a smoother ride.

    Wider sidewalks that “bulb” out at bus stops allow buses to board passengers without having to pull out and then back into congested traffic. They also provide space for shelters, signage, and other amenities.

    Removing stops along the route to ensure that buses are stopping every few blocks, instead of at every single block.

    San Francisco’s Vision Zero policy seeks to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities by 2024. Muni Forward will play a big part in this effort by enhancing pedestrian safety at intersections with engineering measures like sidewalk bulbouts, which increase the visibility of people walking and shorten crossing distances.

    Project Details, History or Features

    Proposals on North Point, Van Ness, Columbus

    What's included in the 30 Stockton Transit Priority Project on North Point, Van Ness and Columbus?

    Proposal Intersection
    New transit bulbs at seven intersections 
    • Van Ness at Bay
    • North Point at Polk and Hyde
    • Columbus at Bay & Jones, Chestnut & Taylor, Greenwich & Mason, Green & Stockton
    New bus stop at two intersections
    • Van Ness at Francisco
    • Columbus at Greenwich & Mason
    Stop removal at six intersections
    • North Point at Larkin, Van Ness
    • Van Ness at Chestnut
    • Columbus at Francisco, Lombard, Filbert & Powell
    Transit-only lanes
    • Van Ness from Bay to Chestnut
    • Colubus Ave from Green & Stockton to Filbert & Powell

    Leading pedestrian intervals, new pedestrian bulbs, continental crosswalks at one intersection

    • Columbus at Green & Stockton


    Proposal summary

    The improvements along Van Ness Ave and North Point were approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors on March 15, 2016. 


    Proposals on Chestnut

    What's included in the 30 Stockton Transit Priority Project on Chestnut? 

    Proposal Intersection
    Stop consolidation at six intersections Chestnut St at Broderick, Scott, Mallorca, Buchanan, Octavia, Franklin
    Stop relocation at two intersections  Chestnut St at Pierce, Laguna
    New pedestrian bulbs at one intersections Chestnut St at Webster
    New transit bulbs at five intersections Chestnut St at Pierce, Fillmore, Webster, Laguna, Van Ness
    New turn pockets at one intersection Chestnut St at Fillmore
    Bus zone extension or reduction at three intersections Chestnut St at Fillmore, Webster, Laguna
    Turn restrictions (on side street) at one intersection  Chestnut St at Mallorca

     Chestnut Street

    The improvements along Chestnut were approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors on March 15, 2016.