Bayview Multimodal Community Corridor

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Project Introduction

Centering mobility for all

The Bayview Multimodal Community Corridor is focused on ensuring access to, and use of, as many ways to get around as possible as in Bayview-Hunters Point -- especially by walking, biking, rolling and taking transit.

Project Description

During past SFMTA planning efforts, Bayview residents communicated the need to improve safety and comfort for people walking and biking along, across, and parallel to Third Street, the main arterial in the Bayview neighborhood. Third Street and Lane Street are both on the High Injury Network, the 12% of city streets where 68% of transportation-related severe and fatal injuries occur. Through the Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan public engagement process, community members identified a low-stress neighborhood route parallel to Third Street as a neighborhood transportation priority.

The Bayview Multimodal Community Corridor Project is a direct result of that outreach. The project seeks to improve transportation safety and access to community destinations on and immediately east of Third Street, such as the Southeast Community Center, Bayview YMCA, parks, schools, libraries, grocery stores, and transit connections. The project route was developed with input from several community organizations through presentations and a walk audit as part of the CalTrans Active Transportation Program (ATP) application process. Project elements include:

  • Multimodal Corridor: Improve a north-south route parallel to Third Street between Cargo Way and Carroll Avenue, on Mendell Street, McKinnon Avenue, Lane Street, Underwood Avenue, and Keith Street.
  • Enhance the African American Arts & Cultural District: Create pedestrian-friendly spaces for gathering and unique street markings.
  • Encouragement: Open Street events along the project corridor, in partnership with San Francisco African American Arts & Cultural District
  • Education: Group bike classes and community rides and walks, in partnership with Bayview YMCA. Vision Zero Campaign featuring advertisements with the dangers of vehicle speeding; posters, tabling, and presentations; and materials shared with schools and local organizations.
  • Street Greening: Coordinate with SFPUC to consider installation of green infrastructure elements to improve climate resilience. Options to be offered to the community include bioretention planters and increased trees/greenery on and adjacent to the corridor.
  • Evaluation: Review the effectiveness of programmatic and engineering improvements before and after construction, responsive to community definitions of safety.
Project Timeline
Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan
Project Proposal and Grant Application
Planning and Design
Education and Encouragement
Project Status
  1. Planning
  2. Preliminary Engineering

Project Goals

  • Respond to priorities identified in the Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan
  • Increase connectivity and access to community destinations and amenities through a low-stress alternative route to Third Street
  • Improve transportation safety and comfort for people using all modes of transportation, particularly active transportation such as walking and biking
  • Prioritize mobility outcomes for vulnerable street users, including seniors, youth, and people with disabilities
  • Support community ownership of project and preserve sense of place and belonging through street markings, signs for community destinations, and murals
  • Encourage community understanding and use of project by partnering with local organizations on community walks and rides, group bike classes, and open street events
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