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Cesar Chavez/Potrero Ave/Bayshore Blvd Intersection Improvements (The Hairball)

Project Introduction

In the area known as the Hairball, Cesar Chavez Street, Bayshore Boulevard and Potrero Avenue change from city streets to a complex arrangement of bridges and ramps linking with Highway 101. The intersection is built in three levels, with pedestrian and bicycle circulation generally restricted to the middle and ground levels, while motor vehicles use all three levels. This series of pedestrian and bicycle pathways in the Hairball allow for connections between Cesar Chavez Street, Bayshore Boulevard and Potrero Avenue that are not possible by vehicle. However, the network has clear gaps where the bicycle and/or pedestrian facilities are limited or substandard. Certain portions of the network are not ADA accessible and are in poor condition. Lastly, because of the many paths that intersect in this area, the interchange is challenging to navigate and there are points of high conflict between vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.

In the first phase of the project, the SFMTA and Public Works installed upgrades to the southwestern and southeastern entry areas to the pathways.

The SFMTA is currently undertaking another series of spot improvements to address these safety issues, specifically at Bayshore Blvd and Marin Street, and Cesar Chavez East at the 101-North highway on-ramp. The scope includes striping improvements, upgrading bikeways, and special pavement striping and is expected to be installed in Spring 2024. 

Improvements include the following:



Intersection of Marin Street and Bayshore Boulevard East

Class IV Bikeway Upgrade/Dutch Corner to increase visibility and safety of bicyclists

Intersection of 101S OffRamp and Cesar Chavez East

Merge road to single lane ahead of crosswalk to help with traffic calming

Cesar Chavez Westbound at Vermont Street/101N OnRamp

Shorten bike lane merge zone and protect with additional delineator posts

Cesar Chavez Eastbound at Kansas Street

Upgrade bikeway to Class IV contra flow lane. Add TwoStage Turn

Intersection of Kansas Street and Cesar Chavez East

Add TwoStage Turn bicycle turn box, bike boxes and No Right Turn on Red at the intersection of Kansas Street and Cesar Chavez East

In addition, the SFMTA is working with Public Works to design raised crosswalks at four locations, upgrade multiple curb ramps and bulbs, and install a Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon. Details of the design and schedule will be posted as the project continues. 

Project Timeline 
Design paint and post improvements
Legislate paint and post improvements
Install paint and post improvements
Project Status
Detailed Design


This project builds on previous outreach efforts of the Cesar Chavez East Community Design Plan.  The SFMTA conducted targeted outreach for the preliminary designs from key stakeholders for the project including District 10, District 9, the Bicycle and Pedestrian group of Caltrans District 4, and the San Francisco Bike Coalition. 


Contact Information
Mark Manalo