Curbside EV Charging Feasibility Study & Pilot

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Project Introduction

The Curbside EV Charging Feasibility Study and Pilot initiative is part of the City’s efforts to meet growing demand for EVs by facilitating the installation of over 1,500 public chargers by 2030. The ultimate goal is to deploy public EV charging pilot stations at the curb in multiple neighborhoods across San Francisco, with the intention of becoming a citywide program.

Project Status
  1. Planning

Begun in the fall of 2023, the Curbside Electric Vehicle Charging Feasibility Study and Pilot is a technical study that will help determine the feasibility of implementing a public curbside electric vehicle charging pilot program and build stronger relationships with the EV industry, other City agencies, and community stakeholders. It will explore how public charging infrastructure located at the curb can contribute to benefits of health, equity, and mobility and is intended to do much of the pre-planning work required for implementing a future pilot.   

This project is consistent with the 2021 Climate Action Plan and the EV Roadmap which were jointly developed by the staff from SFMTA, SFE, and other agencies and stakeholders.  The Climate Action Plan aims to help the city realize its 2040 climate target by reducing harmful emissions that are generated by the transportation sector. This study will be co-led by SFMTA and SF Environment and will include other relevant departments.  

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