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Inner Sunset Curb Management Project

Project Introduction

The Inner Sunset has a vibrant commercial core with a diverse set of restaurants, shops, bars and services. The Inner Sunset is also a transit hub, with the N-Judah and seven bus routes passing through the area. A major streetscape improvement project that has been under construction for several years is wrapping up in Fall 2019, and as it draws to a close, the SFMTA is seeking input on how to allocate curb space to different uses. These include loading zones, general metered parking, short-term parking and more.

The project is intended to improve safety and transit reliability while reducing congestion by reducing double-parking and other illegal parking and loading behavior. It will also support economic vitality by ensuring businesses have the space they need for their customers and goods to get to the neighborhood.

Over the course of the summer and fall of 2019, the SFMTA is discussing needs with community organizations, conducting merchant, resident, and pedestrian intercept surveys, and collecting data to inform potential changes to parking and loading in the area. Later in the year, the SFMTA will present options to the community and, after gathering feedback, will bring a proposal to the SFMTA Board for a final decision.

Project Timeline 
Late Summer - Early Fall 2019
Initial Outreach and Data Collection
Fall 2019
Proposal Development and Public Meeting
Fall - Winter 2019
Early 2020
Contact Information
Alex Jonlin