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Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project
Project Introduction

Latest Update:

As of late June, the construction of the accessible ramp stops on Irving at 6th Avenue in inbound direction and at 5th Avenue in outbound direction have been successfully completed. This has concluded the overall Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project. 

 Accessible ramps on 6th Avenue


accessible stop at 5th avenue

Project Timeline 
Spring 2017
SFMTA Board Approval
Spring-Summer 2017
Final Design/Pre-construction
Summer 2017- Fall 2019
Fall 2019
Project Completion
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Irving Street, Judah Street
Project Details, History or Features

After years of collaboration between city agencies and community partners, the Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project is ready to start. The two-year construction, scheduled to begin in late July or early August 2017, will improve the N Judah service, beautify your neighborhoods and make your streets more livable, vibrant and sustainable. 

The work under this contract consists of sewer work, landscape improvements, electrical work, water line replacment, and street paving along Irving Street, from Arguello Boulevard to 19th Avenue, 9th Avenue from Irving Street to Judah Street, and 10th Avenue from Irving Street to Judah Street.

Additionally, the SFMTA and Public Works developed streetscape improvements for the existing transit bulbouts in Cole Valley at Carl and Cole streets, and Carl and Stanyan streets. These streescape amenities will be installed as part of the same contract.

Project Overview

Improvements planned for the project include:

  • Sewer repair and replacement on Irving Street from Arguello Boulevard to 11th Avenue and 15th to 18th avenues, as well as 10th Avenue between Irving and Judah streets

  • Water line replacement on Irving Street from Arguello Boulevard to 12th Avenue and 17th to 19th avenues, as well as 11th Avenue from Irving to Judah streets, and 12th Avenue from Lincoln Way to Judah Street

  • Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS) replacement on Irving Street from 7th to 19th avenues

  • Traffic Signal upgrades on Irving Street at the 5th and 8th avenue intersections

  • Department of Technology fiber optic installation on Irving Street from 9th to 19th avenues

  • Muni Forward transit bulbouts on Irving Street at 5th, 6th, and 8th avenues, as well as on 9th Avenue between Irving and Judah streets. Pedestrian bulbouts at the NW corner of 7th Avenue and Irving Street, and the SE corner of 9th Avenue and Irving Street.

  • Road repaving and curb ramp upgrades on Irving Street from Arguello Boulevard to 19th Avenue, and 9th and 10th avenues from Irving to Judah streets

  • Streetscape improvements at the existing transit bulb-outs in Cole Valley at the intersections of Carl and Cole streets, and Carl and Stanyan streets.Improvements on 9th Avenue and Irving Street 2


The project is focused on improving the quality of life of Inner Sunset and Cole Valley neighborhoods by upgrading existing infrastructure. Multiple improvements are incorporated into the project in order to avoid further disruptions and service shutdowns. Construction impacts will be kept to a minimum, however neighborhoods will experience short-term inconveniences:

  • Bus substitution for the N Judah Line on four weekends (completing Winter 2018) and during a 10-day shutdown (expected in 2019)

  • Temporary relocation of bus stops, street parking removal, and traffic lane and sidewalk closures.

  • Noise during excavation

We will continue to update the community as construction proceeds using website, social media, leafleting and other media channels.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work hard to improve the safety of your streets and the N Judah service.

Improvements on 9th Avenue and Irving Street

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