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Powell Streetscape Project

The Powell Streetscape Project will design and construct a new streetscape layout for Powell Street between Geary and Ellis streets to enhance the quality and use of the public realm, improve safety for all street users, improve cable car safety and performance, and renew transportation infrastructure. The project matches the footprint of the Powell Promenade Parklets (constructed in July 2011) and the Powell Street Safety and Sidewalk Improvement Pilot (implemented in Nov 2015). It will build and improve upon both of these successful projects with a permanent streetscape design, including wider sidewalks, reduced vehicle volumes, and improved loading for businesses and hotels. Minor safety improvements at Powell & Post and an improvement for the 38-Geary bus stop at Powell & O’Farrell are also part of the project.

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Project Timeline 
2017 - Early 2018
2018 - 2020
Engineering & Design
Starting Early 2021
Current Phase or Stage 
Project Status 
Environmental Review
Preliminary Engineering
Detailed Design
Project Success 
On budget
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Wider sidewalks and a curb-less, pedestrianized design
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Streetscape enhancements, including new lighting, leaning posts, and trees
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Safety and reliability improvements for the cable cars and 38-Geary lines
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Improved traffic signals to keep people moving
Powell Street; Geary Street; O'Farrell Street; Ellis Street

Project scope:

Powell Street is one of the most visited streets in San Francisco, owing to the world famous cable cars running up and down the hill and its central location near Powell BART/Muni station, Union Square, and Market Street. As such, Powell Street sees some of the highest pedestrian volumes measured in the city, with over 4,000 people per hour walking up and down the street during the peak period. The existing sidewalks are, however, too narrow to comfortably support so many people, and although the temporary parklets do provide additional space for people to stand and linger, the mid-block loading bay ‘cut-ins’ result in insufficient sidewalk width for walking the length of the block.

The Powell Streetscape Project is a redesign of two blocks of Powell Street near Union Square, between Geary and Ellis streets – proposing a curb-less street design, shared between people walking, cable cars, and limited access for vehicles to load and unload passengers and goods to fronting businesses. This new streetscape will provide a signature street for the iconic Union Square neighborhood, providing a welcoming environment for the area’s many visitors from around the world.

The project continues traffic regulations from the successful Powell Street Safety and Sidewalk Improvement Pilot. These piloted regulations include vehicle restrictions intended to reduce traffic volumes on Powell Street for safer cable car operations and a safer environment for walking. The project will also address safety needs not covered by the pilot, such as upgrading painted sidewalk extensions to become part of a permanent sidewalk and improving traffic regulation compliance. Additionally, traffic signals will be modified at Powell & Geary to reduce conflicts between poeple walking in the western crosswalk and drivers turning right from Powell onto Geary; signals will also be upgraded at the intersections of Powell & O’Farrell and Powell & Ellis. The project also includes moving the Powell & O’Farrell bus stop serving the 38-Geary lines to the far-side of the intersection, improving transit performance.

Project background:

The Powell Streetscape Project is the result of over seven years of ‘tactical urbanism’, beginning with the installation of temporary aluminum parklets in May 2011, sponsored by Audi and designed by Hood Design Studio. These parklets were originally designed to last five years, and while still remaining, have passed their useful life; this project will replace them with permanent sidewalk extensions in 2021, ten years later.

In November 2015, the SFMTA initiated the Powell Street Safety and Sidewalk Improvement Pilot, which introduced vehicle restrictions on Powell Street between Geary and Ellis streets to reduce traffic volumes – addressing safety concerns and reliability issues for the cable car system. Specifically, vehicular traffic was restricted from turning onto Powell Street for those two blocks to keep the roadway clear for cable cars and reduce the conflicts between turning vehicles and people in the crosswalks (access for passenger and commercial loading for fronting businesses and hotels remained). In July 2017, these vehicle restrictions were permanently legislated by the SFMTA Board of Directors following encouraging results from the pilot. Traffic volumes decreased on Powell Street roughly 60%, injury collisions within the project area dropped from 2-3 incidents per year to zero during the pilot, hazardous wear to the cable cars was reduced 23%, and turning movement volumes fell by 70 to 80%.

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