Sansome and Battery Connections Project

Project Introduction


The Sansome and Battery Connections Project was approved by the SFMTA Board on April 16, 2019. Project implementation was substantially completed in July 2019 and fully completed in December 2019.


The Sansome and Battery Connections Project will improve conditions for people walking and bicycling between the Embarcadero and the Financial District by providing an alternative route parallel to the traffic-heavy Embarcadero corridor.

The project will upgrade pedestrian crossings and expand the north-south bicycle network with the new bike lanes along Sansome, Battery, Vallejo, and Davis streets from the Embarcadero to Jackson Street. At the intersection of The Embarcadero and Sansome/Chestnut streets - the site of a recent fatality - larger changes will improve safety where it is needed most.

What will the project do?

  • Update intersections with shorter crossing distances, high-visibility crosswalks, and better sightlines
  • Install bike lanes on Sansome, Battery, Vallejo, and Davis streets
  • Address safety concerns and improve pedestrian access at The Embarcadero and Sansome/Chestnut streets
  • Improve curb space management and accommodation of loading
Project Timeline
Jan-Mar 2019
Outreach & Design
April 2019
May-Dec 2019
Project Status
  1. Completed

Project Area

The following street segments are included in the project:

  • Sansome Street between (and at) The Embarcadero and Broadway
  • Battery Street between (and at) The Embarcadero and Jackson St
  • Vallejo Street between Sansome and Davis streets
  • Davis Street between Vallejo and Jackson streets

Project extents of Sansome Battery Connections Project. Sansome from Broadway to The Embarcadero, Battery from Vallejo to The Embarcadero, Davis from Jackson to Vallejo, Vallejo from Sansome to Davis

    The project includes right-of-way that lies within both the SFMTA and Port of San Francisco’s jurisdiction. Changes within the areas under jurisdiction of the Port of San Francisco will require separate approval from those under the jurisdiction of the SFMTA.

    Improvements along the entire corridor

    • Crosswalks throughout the project area will receive high-visibility ‘continental’ striping where not already upgraded. ‘Visibility daylighting’ will improve sightlines at intersections.
    • The north-south bike network will be expanded with an alternative route to the traffic-heavy Embarcadero with dedicated bike lanes on Sansome, Battery, Vallejo, and Davis streets.
    • Providing adequate curb space for passenger and goods loading is important for all streets. Neighborhood stakeholders will provide input on where curb space management is needed.

    Improvements at particular locations

    • At the Embarcadero & Sansome/Chestnut – the site of a fatal collision last year – changes will simplify the intersection. Restrictions on turns from southbound Embarcadero will allow a sidewalk extension to potentially be added as part of the Embarcadero Enhancement Project (‘painted safety zone’ near-term). A new crosswalk will allow people to walk along the city-side of the Embarcadero in one signal phase.
    • On Battery Street approaching Greenwich Street, the street will be narrowed to a single lane approaching the existing crosswalk and an island will be added to shorten crossing distance.
    Contact Information
    Mark Dreger