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Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program

The Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program Application Guide has been updated as of April 1, 2024 to reflect new requirements regarding the placement of murals on Slow Streets. At this time the Slow Streets team is not yet ready to process mural applications on streets that have both centerlines and bike lanes, or murals in intersections due to space constraints and safety concerns, but we are committed to exploring how we can permit murals in these locations in the future. See the Application Guide FAQ for additional information.

Project Introduction

Slow Streets started as an emergency response to the pandemic, but they’ve become so much more. They’re not only opening up new travel options and creating new community connections, they’re also encouraging San Franciscans to see their city streets differently, as shared spaces. The SFMTA is excited to be expanding the Slow Streets Program to include additional avenues for community activation.

The Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program is an effort to invite community-oriented public art onto Slow Streets in San Francisco, underscoring Slow Streets as community resources and spaces.

Read more about the broader Slow Streets Program on the Slow Streets webpage:

Street Mural Application Process

Please review the Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program Application Guide linked below in the “Program Documents and Links” section to see the detailed design guidelines and a step-by-step process for creating a mural on your Slow Street.

Pre-Application Feasibility and Outreach: Approximately 3 Months from the Painting Date

The first step in establishing a Slow Streets Mural is identifying a location, an artist, and a draft design. Prior to your official submittal of an application, SFMTA will work with you to confirm the feasibility of the street mural. 

SFMTA and SFAC Mural Application Review: Approximately 2 Months from the Painting Date

Once SFMTA has confirmed your project’s feasibility, an official application must be submitted to Once approved by SFMTA from a traffic safety standpoint, you must submit your mural design and corresponding documents to the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) for review of the mural design. Note that this is a separate application from that already submitted to SFMTA, requiring additional documentation such as examples of the artist’s work. Be sure to carefully read through the San Francisco Arts Commission’s mural design approval guidelines.

Street Closure Permitting and Mural Implementation: Approximately 1 Month from the Painting Date

After obtaining approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission, a Special Event Street Closure Permit must be obtained for the paint day from SFMTA. After the mural painting is completed, notify SFMTA staff, who will then conduct a site visit to ensure that the mural adheres to required design guidelines.

*Please note that establishing a mural on a Slow Street is at minimum a three-month process, but may take longer. Please ensure you review and prepare for each step in the process, this will help with faster approval and implementation of your proposed street mural. We are very excited to have created the Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program and can’t wait to see your murals brightening up San Francisco’s Slow Streets.

Program Documents and Links

Slow Streets Mural Pilot Program Application Guide

Slow Street Mural Agreement

Interactive Slow Streets Map

Department of Public Works Street Resurfacing Map

San Francisco Arts Commission Mural Design Approval Guidelines

SFMTA Special Event Street Closures

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