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Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan (WACBTP)

About The Western Addition Community Based Transportation Plan

The effort was initiated because the Metropolitan Transportation Commission identified the Western Addition as Community of Concern, with a high concentration of low-income housing and large population of minority residents challenged with city’s high cost of living. In response, the SFMTA led a robust community engagement process in collaboration with the community organization Mo’MAGIC to examine transportation improvements in the Western Addition with an emphasis on improving walking, biking, and taking transit.

Project Background

The Western Addition is a traditionally underserved Community of Concern (CoC) with a high concentration of low-income housing and a large population of minority residents.  Nearly 20 percent of San Francisco’s African-American population lives in the Western Addition, the historic center of San Francisco’s African-American community. As a legacy of urban renewal projects in the 20th century, the neighborhood has a number of wide streets, such as Geary Boulevard and Webster Street, and one-way streets, including Turk Street that encourage high vehicle speeds and which are detrimental to pedestrian safety.

Project Need

Several Western Addition streets are on the city’s High- Injury Network, the 12 percent of city streets that account for 70% severe and fatal traffic injuries. The Western Addition experiences cut through traffic and high vehicle speeds.



• Near-term: Quick and effective pedestrian safety improvements like giving pedestrians a head start when crossing the street are proposed for 41 community-identified and high-injury intersections would improve pedestrian safety.

• Medium-term: The plan proposed corridor design enhancement projects on Golden Gate and Turk. Signal enhancements like pedestrian countdown signals and flashing lights for pedestrians are proposed for community identified intersections. The proposed Fillmore Connections Project will add pedestrian improvements near Raymond Kimbell Playground.

• Long-term: Proposed long term and large capital projects will improve safety and access to neighborhood recreation like the Buchanan Street Mall. The plan also proposed a Walkable Western Addition initiative to improve pedestrian lighting to address crime and safely connect residents to transit, specifically Owl service.


Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan Project Area Map


Project Status 
Bus Routes and Rail Lines