FINAL UPDATE: Fire department activity cleared from Central/McAllister. IB/OB 5 & 5R buses are resuming regular route. (More: 37 in last 48 hours)

Purchase SFMTA Parking Meter Cards in Bulk

The pre-paid parking meter card program has been discontinued as the current smart card chip technology is no longer supported or available from a manufacturer.  We encourage you to take advantage of our credit card payment option accepted at all parking meters, or the PayByPhone program available on all iPhone or Android devices.

Businesses may sign-up for an account with PayByPhone to support multiple vehicles, providing the ability to obtain usage and location reports, and eliminating the risk of loss associated with the physical meter cards. More information can be found at

Customers who wish to continue to use a pre-paid option may obtain Visa/Mastercard cards at many locations, including most Walgreens and Target stores. Existing (previously purchased) meter smart card will continue to be accepted until the card balance is exhausted. You can check the balance by inserting the card into any meter or pay station.

Please visit our Parking Meter page for more information.