2015 Transportation Fact Sheet

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The SFMTA Transportation Fact Sheet provides various facts about the City of San Francisco and transportation within the city. 

Key trends and statistics found in the 2015 SFMTA Factsheet:

  • Since 2006 San Francisco’s resident population has grown from approximately 745,000 in 2006 to 852,500 in 2014.
  • As a regional job center, the daytime population of San Francisco grows with employees commuting to the city for work. The estimated daytime population was approximately 901,500 in 2006, increasing to 1,070,000 by 2014.
  • Nearly half a million San Francisco and Bay Area residents commute in and out of San Francisco each day, with approximately 330,000 non-San Francisco residents commuting into the city for work and 113,000 San Francisco residents commuting elsewhere in 2014.
  • Of San Francisco’s 1,088 miles of streets, 946 are surface streets. Privately owned streets and park streets make up an additional 83 miles, and 59 miles are limited access freeways. In comparison, San Francisco’s bike network is composed of just 434 miles of streets, of which the largest subset, 212 miles (49%), are signed bicycle routes which share right of way with motor vehicles. Just 13 miles of the bike network is composed of protected bikeways.
  • The city of San Francisco contains 277,283 on-street and an estimated 166,000 off-street public motor vehicle parking spaces. At a typical 17-20 feet in length, the on-street parking spaces alone are enough to line the entire 840-mile coast of California. In addition, there are 4,496 public bicycle parking spaces, including on-street racks, lockers and corrals.
  • As of 2014, 58.7% of San Francisco residents commute to work via non-private auto modes, while 41.3% commute by driving alone or carpooling in private vehicles. This is a reversal since 2000, when 48.6% of residents commuted by non-private auto modes and 51.3% commuted in private vehicles. In that time, the percentage of San Francisco residents commuting by bicycle has more than doubled, from 2.1% to 4.4%.
  • As of 2015, the SFMTA Travel Decision Survey showed that an estimated 54% of all trips to, from, or within San Francisco took place by non-private auto modes, which meets the SFMTA’s Strategic Objective of achieving at least 50% of all trips by non-private auto.

Additional statistics and infographics are contained within the 2015 SFMTA Factsheet. 

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