Streets Division

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Our Mission

Our mission is to plan, design, implement, and maintain the city’s transportation infrastructure and regulations to support San Francisco’s mobility needs as the city changes and grows.  The Streets Division initiates and coordinates improvements to the city’s street, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and parking infrastructure, thereby meeting the goals and objectives of the Transit First Policy, as well as supporting the SFMTA’s Strategic Plan.

Our responsibilities

The Streets Division consists of eight closely working and coordinated groups:

  • Capital Programs & Construction
  • Livable Streets, including the Bicycle, Pedestrian, Traffic Calming and School Crossing Guards Programs
  • Parking, Curb Management & Operations, including Off-Street Parking, SFpark, and Operations
  • Parking and Traffic Enforcement
  • Planning, including Long Range Planning & Policy, Complete Streets, Major Corridor Projects, Development & Transportation Integration, Approved Development Agreement Monitoring and Environmental Review, and Planning Programs
  • Security, Investigations and Enforcement, including Proof of Payment Unit, Muni Transit Assistance Unit, Emergency Preparedness Unit and Video Surveillance Unit
  • Transportation Engineering, including Traffic Routing, Signal Shop, SFgo/Transit Engineering, Special Projects/Street Use and Traffic Management/Operations

Streets Division's Administration

Streets Division's (SD) Administration provides administrative and operating support to the division including finance and budget, payroll, purchasing and human resources. Our Responsibilities 311 Request Coordination Division Operating Budget...

Leanne Nhan

Leanne Nhan

Streets Division's Administration Director

Capital Programs & Construction

Capital Programs & Construction improves the city’s transportation infrastructure by managing the capital improvement programs for all City and County transportation initiatives to support San Francisco’s needs as the city changes and grows. This is...

staff portrait

Aidin Sarabi

Capital Programs & Construction Director

Central Subway Program

The Central Subway Program is responsible for the Central Subway Project, a construction project to extend the T Third Line to Chinatown.

Livable Streets

Livable Streets leads projects focused on creating safe and inviting streets and sidewalks for all who walk and use a bicycle. This includes enhancements to the bicycle and pedestrian environment, deploying nearly 190 school crossing guards, and...

Portrait of Acting Livable Streets Director Kimberly Leung

Kimberly Leung

Acting Livable Streets Director

Parking, Curb Management, Operations and Contract Administration

The Parking, Curb Management, Operations and Contract Administration Group sets parking and curb regulations and manages on-street and off-street assets and related contracts, to achieve the SFMTA's strategic goals and to raise revenue to support...

Ted Graff

Ted Graff

Director of Parking

Parking Enforcement

Parking and Traffic Enforcement consists of various details including general meter enforcement, color curbs, commute zones, double parking, abandoned autos, resident permit parking. The subdivision is responsible for towing of illegally parked...


The Planning subdivision consists of the following sections: Long Range Planning & Policy – Creates local and regional transportation plans and addresses capital planning, asset management, climate change action, and sustainability within the agency...

Portrait of Maia Small.

Maia Small

Planning Director

Transportation Engineering

The installation and modification of traffic control devices, including traffic signs, traffic striping, color curb markings, and traffic signals are divided into five major sections, all led by the City Traffic Engineer: Traffic Management -...