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Employee rating: I feel that the Agency values workplace diversity

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Objective 4.4: Create a more diverse and inclusive workforce


Employee rating: I feel that the Agency values workplace diversity


Employee sentiment regarding the agency's commitment to diversity is a measure of agency inclusiveness. The more employees feel diversity and inclusion are valued, the more likely the agency will be able to hire and retain a talented workforce.


Rating is measured by dividing the number of respondents who agree or strongly agree with the statement “I feel that the Agency values workplace diversity” by the total number of responses and reported agency-wide.


sum ([number of respondents who either somewhat or strongly agree]) ÷ sum ([number of responses])


Achieve 2% increase per year over FY17 baseline

Reporting Frequency



For questions, comments and accessibility issues, please contact the Performance Team at


Ratings are collected through the annual Employee Engagement Survey and weighted by employee division response rates.


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