FINAL UPDATE: Delay on Moffitt btwn Farnum and Bemis has cleared. OB 35 resuming service. Expect residual delays. (More: 20 in last 48 hours)

Performance Metrics

SFMTA Strategic Plan


The SFMTA Strategic Plan will guide our priorities over the next two years. We have set forth goals and performance metrics to measure our progress towards these priorities. We are developing dashboards and will post them here to share our progress.

Contact if you have any questions or feedback regarding the performance metrics and dashboards.

 System Metrics

  • Utilization of free or discounted fare programs

  • Emerging mobility service coverage in Equity Priority Communities
  • Scheduled Muni service hours delivered along Equity Strategy Routes

  • Investments in Equity Strategy Neighborhoods

  • Transit access to essential jobs and educational programs


  • Customer rating: Feeling of being informed about SFMTA projects
  • Percent of projects using enhanced outreach

  • Language accessibility for activities and print 

  • Muni mean distance between failure
  • Percent of capital budget towards the State of Good Repair

  • Asset condition score across key classes

  • Deferred infrastructure replacement




 Workplace Metrics

  • Employee rating: Overall employee satisfaction 
  • Employee rating: Our workplace culture supports my health and wellbeing.
  • Employee rating: If I raise a concern about discrimination or harassment to my manager/supervisor, I am confident they would take appropriate action.
  • Employee rating: When the SFMTA makes changes, I understand why.
  • REAP: Percent of budget allocated towards employee resources and development
  • REAP: Number of training sessions administered
  • REAP: Number of training sessions completed
  • REAP: Utilization rates of wellness activities
  • Workforce vacancy rate
  • Length of Time to Hire