FINAL UPDATE: Delay on Market btwn 5th and 4th has cleared. Incident streetcar and rescue streetcar were removed fr (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

Performance Metrics

See the data that is informing our COVID-19 and recovery planning:

COVID-19 Data Dashboards Transportation Recovery Plan Dashboards


These interactive performance dashboards track the Agency's progress in meeting the goals and objectives outlined in the SFMTA's Strategic Plan. Click a link below to see how we're doing on our performance metrics for each strategic goal.

As we develop the dashboards for the new performance metrics outlined in the SFMTA Strategic Plan, they will be posted online here. In the meantime, reporting on agency metrics is available in the monthly Strategic Plan Progress Reports.

Strategic Plan & Performance Metrics

If you have any questions regarding the performance metrics, please contact


Goal 1: Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.

Goal 2: Make transit and other sustainable modes of transportation the most attractive and preferred means of travel.

Goal 3: Improve the quality of life and environment in San Francisco and the region.

Goal 4: Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.