Guiding Principles for Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies

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What Are the Guiding Principles for Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies?

Transportation options in San Francisco are significantly different today than they were just a few years ago. A variety of mobility services and technologies have emerged, from mobile applications that connect passengers with on demand service, shared ride van services, shared scooter services, to automated vehicles that are currently being tested on our City streets. These new mobility services present both opportunities and challenges to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in San Francisco, which is mandated by City Charter in the Transit-First Policy.

With the goals of providing for safe, reliable, sustainable and equitable transportation choices now and in the future, San Francisco’s transportation agencies have established the following Guiding Principles for Management of Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies.

These Guiding Principles will provide a consistent policy framework to evaluate new mobility services and will be taken into consideration in all San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) decisions, policies and actions regarding Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies.

How the Guiding Principles Will Be Used

The SFCTA and SFMTA will use these Guiding Principles to shape our approach to Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies. For the SFMTA, these Guiding Principles will serve as a framework for the consistent application of policies and programs. The SFCTA will use these Guiding Principles to evaluate these services and technologies; identify ways to meet city goals, and shape future areas of studies, policies and programs. Every Guiding Principle may not be relevant to every consideration associated with Emerging Mobility Services and Technologies, and in some cases a service may not meet all of the principles consistently. SFMTA and SFCTA Directors and staff will consider whether a service or technology is consistent with the Guiding Principles, on balance. If a service provider or technology does not support these Guiding Principles, SFMTA and SFCTA will work with the service provider to meet the principles, or may choose to limit their access to City resources.