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% of metered hours that meet parking occupancy targets

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Objective 2.3: Manage congestion and parking demand to support the Transit First policy


% of metered hours that meet parking occupancy targets


Demand-responsive pricing opens up parking spaces on each block and reduces circling and double-parking. To gauge progress in improving parking availability, we track the percentage of metered hours that meet the parking availability goals of 1 or 2 spaces per metered block.


Percentage of metered hours that meet parking occupancy targets is determined by the number of metered hours with 60-80% occupancy by the total number of metered hours and is reported city-wide.


sum ([metered hours w/ 60-80% occupancy) ÷ sum ([total metered hours])


Achieve 35% of parking targets in FY19 and 40% of parking targets in FY20

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For questions, comments and accessibility issues, please contact the Performance Team at


Policy goal: increase percent of metered hours with no rate change as this indicates achievement of price point and parking availability goals (1-2 spaces available on every block)