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Muni Improvement Plan Text from Infographic - Accessible

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Current Initiatives

Various near-term initiatives for the plan were identified and developed during collaborative work sessions within Transit. Targeted actions and measurable goals were then produced by staff to accomplish and track efforts. The current 90-days is focused on the following initiatives:

  1. Safety – Reduce preventable collisions and enhance passenger and operator security.  8 actions associated with this initiative.
  2. Service Reliability – Improve reliability of transit service to ensure passengers are provided with the service they expect.  11 actions associated with this initiative.
  3. Subway Performance – Reduce major delays in the subway and enhance the customer experience during delays.  10 actions associated with this initiative.
  4. LRV4 – Ensure that benefits of the new fleet are realized, and project delivery is on track.  5 actions associated with this initiative.
  5. Chase Center – Operationalize service plan and implement for Chase Center opening.  6 actions associated with this initiative.