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90-Day Plan to Improve Muni


The SFMTA’s 90-Day Plan to Improve Muni is a focused and collaborative effort to implement the SFMTA Strategic Plan through “bite-sized” pieces within a 90-day period.

Program Background

During the Summer of 2018, Muni riders noticed a decline in service delivery as San Francisco’s transit system experienced a “perfect storm” of impacts due to construction demands, operator recruitment and training challenges, and ever-growing demand for Muni service.

As a result, the Mayor of San Francisco called on us to renew our efforts to provide the safe and reliable Muni System that San Franciscans deserve. In response, the SFMTA developed a plan to improve Muni to ensure our service continues the positive trajectory of recent years.

Centered around the SFMTA Strategic Plan, the development of the SFMTA’s Plan to Improve Muni resulted in the creation of initiatives that differed in duration and scope. The hallmark of the Plan is the near-term initiative, which are a series of “bite-sized” actions and measurable targets that would be implemented in 90-day periods. By breaking down larger goals and initiatives into smaller near-term actions, the agency is better able to deliver effective, focused, and immediate solutions to issues, while still progressing long term plans to improve transit service.

The first and second 90-day periods, which ran from September to November 2018 and January to April 2019 respectively, each focused on seven initiatives that varied from improving the fleet to effectively managing transit service. The third 90-day period ran from June to September 2019 and focused on five initiatives. 

The current 90-day period started on November 1, 2019 and will run until January 31, 2020.

Current Initiatives

Various near-term initiatives for the plan were identified and developed during collaborative work sessions within Transit. Targeted actions and measurable goals were then produced by staff to accomplish and track efforts. The current 90-day cycle is focused on the following initiatives:

Image of current initiatives that are described in the text file linked below

Accessible version of the Muni Improvement Plan Current Initiatives


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