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Muni ridership

Friday, May 1, 2020

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Objective 2.2: Enhance and expand use of the city's sustainable modes of transportation


Muni ridership


Ridership is a key measure to monitor the attractiveness of transit service. Increasing ridership results in congestion relief and is an important metric in measuring San Francisco's progress toward becoming a healthier, more sustainable and livable city.


Ridership is measured by automated passenger counters on buses and by traffic checkers on rail vehicles and reported system-wide monthly as average weekday boardings and annually as total boardings.


Average weekday boardings: sum ([average weekday ridership]), total annual boardings: sum ([total annual ridership])


Achieve 2% growth in FY19 and 5% growth in FY20 in total annual ridership and average weekday boardings over FY17 baseline

Reporting Frequency

Monthly/ Annually


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