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Percentage of eligible population utilizing free or discounted Muni fare programs

Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Equity: Correction of racial and social inequities and prioritization of those with the most need.


Percentage of eligible population utilizing free or discounted Muni fare programs


For the Free Muni Programs, data helps us track the number of participants and total Muni rides.


The percentage of eligible population utilizing free or discounted Muni fare programs is determined by the number of program participant cards issued by the total estimated eligible population. Eligible populations include those that meet income or age requirements for enrollment into Lifeline and/or people with disabilities with Regional Transit Cards. Historically included low-income youth, however with Free Muni for all youth, youth will no longer be included in the eligible population.


sum ([count of program participant cards issued]) ÷ sum ([estimated eligible population])


FY 22-23 Targets: Achieve greater than 90% utilization rate for Free Muni for Seniors, 50% for Free Muni for People with Disabilities, and 40% for Lifeline.

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-Youth Eligible Population includes residents from ages 10-18 with eligible household income.

-Seniors Eligible Population includes residents 65 years and older with eligible household income.

-People with Disabilities (PWD) Eligible Population includes the total number of Regional Transit Card (RTC) holders with a San Francisco address as of June 2019.

-Lifeline Eligible Population includes SF residents from ages 19-64 who are income-eligible.

-April-September 2020: No new cards issued or monthly passes sold.

-July 2020-Present: Lifeline total represents Lifeline Pass, Temporary Lifeline Pass, and Access Pass combined.

-May 2021: The increase in Free Muni for Youth applications is due to our outreach with SFUSD in which resulted in an additional 1000 applications from SFUSD students who qualify and who were not previously enrolled.

-July 2021: Free Muni for Youth program expands to all youth. Enrollment will not be reported due to program expansion no longer requiring prerequisites for youth to qualify. 

Reported results are subject to change as data quality improves or new data becomes available.


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