SFPD-reported Muni-related crimes per 100,000 miles

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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Objective Objective 1.1: Improve security for transportation system users
Metric SFPD-reported Muni-related crimes per 100,000 miles of Muni service
Purpose To improve security throughout the Muni system by identifying and reducing criminal activity.
Definition The ratio of reported crimes to every 100,000 miles of Muni service.
Methodology Data on crimes occurring on Muni vehicles or at Muni stops and stations are reported by the San Francisco Police Department and calculated as a ratio to every 100,000 vehicle miles traveled, which is reported through the Muni asset management database.
Target Achieve 10% reduction below baseline (based on FY12 performance) during each two-year budget cycle
Reporting Frequency Monthly
Contact For questions, comments and accessibility issues, please contact the Performance Team at performance@sfmta.com.

Beginning in January 2013, a reporting methodology change expanded the definition of Muni-related incidents to include those that occurred off Muni vehicles. Reported results are subject to change as data quality improves or new data become available.