UPDATE: Eastbound 29 and 49 resuming regular route. Bus shuttles continue to provide #KIngleside svc btwn West Portal and Balboa Park. (More: 21 in last 48 hours)

Transportation Recovery Plan Chart

Friday, May 14, 2021

San Francisco is currently in Level 5: School trips. Increased trips citywide. 

Decorative Element


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3A

Level 3B

Level 4A

Level 4B

Level 5

Level 6


Shelter-in-place. Essential trips only.

Increase in trips for outdoor recreation and to neighborhood commercial (pick-up/ delivery). 

Expansion of trips to neighborhood commercial corridors and to large institutional employers.

Increased trips to neighborhood commercial corridors.

Increased trips citywide. Resumption of downtown trips.

School trips. Increased trips citywide.

Relaxation of distancing requirements permits transit to carry more people per vehicle; allowing for additional trip capacity.

Health orders lifted permitting return of travel behaviors to ‘new normal.’

Muni Service

Core Service.

Increased frequency on Core Service routes.

Core Service + two additional routes, and capacity increases.

No change.

Rail service resumes, increased frequencies and restoration of 4 routes.

Minor changes to routes and frequencies depending on need.

Final expansion of service coverage and frequencies.

Resume special Muni service plans for historic vehicles and special events.

Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes

Existing network.

No change.

Begin installation of temporary treatments in critical locations.

Continuing temporary emergency transit lanes (TETL) program.

Continuing TETL installations.

Continuing TETL installations.

Evaluation of TETLs; begin permanent legislation of lanes.

Remove temporary lanes and make permanent legislated lanes.

Bicycle Network

Existing network.

No change.

Begin installation of previously approved bike lanes.

Continue installation of previously approved bike lanes.

Continue installation of previously approved bike lanes.

Continue installation of previously approved bike lanes.

Potential expansion of bicycle network.

Resume bike network expansion program.

Slow Streets

5 corridors.

Citywide expansion of Slow Streets program.

Continued expansion of Slow Streets locations.

Continued expansion of Slow Streets locations.

Continued expansion of Slow Streets locations.

Continued expansion of Slow Streets locations & evaluate installed lanes.

Slow Streets becomes ongoing tool for short term street closures.

Permanent implementation of some Slow Streets depending on evaluation.

Sustainable Streets Operations

Emergency and essential repairs only.

Field staff return to work; prioritize 311 calls & deferred maintenance.

Bikeshare / scootershare resume full service. Implement transit / bike lanes.

Build accessible transfer points at West Portal and Church stations.

Continue support for transit/bike lanes.

Crossing Guards back on duty.

Implement / refine projects in response to emerging demands and evaluation.

No change.

Parking Enforcement

Ticketing suspended for most violations except color curb. Meter time limits waived.

No change.

Enforcement for street sweeping will resume; review of meter policies to support businesses.

Possible changes in meter policy to support businesses.

Parking enforcement resumes for all violations. Customer Service Center reopens.

No change.

No change.

No change.

Parking & Curb Management

Some city-owned garages closed. Additional curb space given to COVID testing, grocery stores, Muni stops, curbside pickup.

Provide temporary loading zones to support delivery / pickup.

Parking garages reopen. Support Shared Spaces program.

Support Shared Spaces program.

Review / repurpose curb space to support economic recovery; support Shared Spaces.

No change.

Begin transition to post crisis curb management strategy.

Transition to long-term curb management strategy.

Taxi, Paratransit & Accessibility

ETC card established to provide assistance to people too far from core Muni service

Taxis install new plastic barriers.

Taxi customer service window reopens.

No change.

Discount ID center reopens.

No change.

Continuation of ETC program after emergency ends.

No change.