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Workplace injuries per 200,000 hours

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Objective Objective 1.2: Improve workplace safety and security
Metric Workplace injuries per 200,000 hours
Purpose To improve workplace safety by tracking and reducing workplace injuries.
Definition The ratio of work-related injuries to every 200,000 work hours.
Methodology Data on injuries are reported from the Workers Compensation claims database and calculated as a ratio to every 200,000 work hours recorded in the payroll database.
Target Achieve 10% reduction below baseline (based on FY12 performance) during each two-year budget cycle
Reporting Frequency Monthly
Contact For questions, comments and accessibility issues, please contact the Performance Team at
Notes Injuries are reported by month in which claims are received, which sometimes differs from the month in which an injury occurs. Reported results are subject to change as data quality improves or new data become available.