ALERT: Possible missing Asian female senior - 84 yrs of age, standing 5-ft and about 100 lbs. Brown hair and eyes. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)

37 Corbett

5am - 10pm daily
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Inbound to The Haight
Outbound to Twin Peaks


Parkridge and Burnett via Burnett, Portola Drive, Corbett, 17th, Eureka, Market (Castro Street Muni Metro station), 15th, Church (Church Street Muni Metro station), 14th, Roosevelt, Buena Vista Terrace, Buena Vista East, Upper Terrace, Loma Vista Terrace, Roosevelt, 17th, Cole, Haight, Masonic to terminal.


Masonic, Waller, Ashbury, Haight, Cole, Carmel, Clayton, 17th, Roosevelt, (by request only: Park Hill, Buena Vista East, Buena Vista Terrace), Roosevelt, 14th (Church Street Muni Metro station), Market (Castro Street Muni Metro station), Diamond, 17th, Corbett, Portola Drive, Glenview, Dawnview, Burnett, Crestline, Parkridge to Burnett.