ATTN: Report of #SFPD activity near Laguna Honda and Clarendon. Expect possible delays with the 43, 44, and 36/52 through the area. (More: 9 in last 48 hours)

67 Bernal Heights
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Inbound to The Mission
Outbound to Bernal Heights


Ellsworth and Crescent via Crescent, Folsom, Cortland, Nevada, Bernal Heights Boulevard, Bradford, Esmeralda, Alabama, Ripley, Folsom, 24th to Mission.


24th and Mission (24th Street BART) via 24th, Folsom, Ripley, Alabama, Esmeralda, Bradford, Bernal Heights Boulevard, Nevada, Cortland, Folsom, Crescent, Putnam (Farmer's Market), Ellsworth to Crescent.