HeadsUp: The annual #ChineseNewYear Parade starts this evening at 5:30pm from Market & 2nd St. Some #SFMuni reroutes will begin at 10am while others at 2 p.m. Regular svc will resume after roadway is clear (approx. 10pm). For svc details:https://t.co/qNRIndWkgN https://t.co/qs2bn4vliz (More: 25 in last 48 hours)

54 FELTON Outbound to Daly City BART Sunday Service

Inbound to Hunters PointOutbound to Daly City BART
Weekday ServiceWeekday Service
Saturday ServiceSaturday Service
Sunday Service Sunday Service
54 FELTON - Outbound to Daly City BART - Sunday Service
Table below shows selected stops and planned service.
For a complete stop list, with links to all stops for stop details and real-time vehicle predictions, please visit Stops/Description section of route page.
Newhall St
& Hudson
Williams Ave
& 3rd St
Bacon St
& San Bruno Ave
Geneva Ave
& Mission St
Geneva Ave /
balboa Park Bart
Alemany Blvd & Arch StDaly City Bart West Station Rd
5:50 am5:58 am6:03 am6:17 am6:19 am6:28 am6:30 am
6:10 am6:18 am6:23 am6:37 am6:40 am6:49 am6:51 am
6:30 am6:39 am6:44 am6:59 am7:02 am7:11 am7:13 am
6:50 am6:59 am7:05 am7:20 am7:23 am7:32 am7:34 am
7:10 am7:19 am7:25 am7:40 am7:43 am7:53 am7:55 am
7:30 am7:39 am7:45 am8:00 am8:03 am8:13 am8:15 am
7:50 am7:59 am8:05 am8:21 am8:24 am8:34 am8:36 am
8:10 am8:20 am8:26 am8:42 am8:45 am8:55 am8:57 am
8:30 am8:41 am8:47 am9:03 am9:06 am9:16 am9:18 am
8:50 am9:01 am9:07 am9:23 am9:26 am9:36 am9:38 am
9:10 am9:21 am9:28 am9:45 am9:48 am9:58 am10:00 am
9:30 am9:41 am9:48 am10:05 am10:08 am10:18 am10:20 am
9:50 am10:01 am10:08 am10:25 am10:29 am10:39 am10:41 am
10:10 am10:21 am10:28 am10:45 am10:49 am10:59 am11:01 am
10:30 am10:41 am10:48 am11:05 am11:09 am11:19 am11:21 am
10:50 am11:01 am11:08 am11:25 am11:29 am11:39 am11:41 am
11:10 am11:21 am11:28 am11:45 am11:49 am11:59 am12:01 pm
11:30 am11:41 am11:48 am12:05 pm12:09 pm12:19 pm12:21 pm
11:50 am12:01 pm12:08 pm12:25 pm12:29 pm12:39 pm12:41 pm
12:10 pm12:21 pm12:28 pm12:46 pm12:50 pm1:00 pm1:02 pm
12:30 pm12:41 pm12:48 pm1:06 pm1:10 pm1:20 pm1:22 pm
12:50 pm1:01 pm1:08 pm1:26 pm1:30 pm1:40 pm1:42 pm
1:10 pm1:21 pm1:28 pm1:46 pm1:50 pm2:00 pm2:02 pm
1:30 pm1:41 pm1:48 pm2:06 pm2:10 pm2:20 pm2:22 pm
1:50 pm2:01 pm2:08 pm2:26 pm2:30 pm2:40 pm2:42 pm
2:10 pm2:21 pm2:28 pm2:46 pm2:50 pm3:01 pm3:03 pm
2:30 pm2:41 pm2:48 pm3:06 pm3:10 pm3:21 pm3:23 pm
2:50 pm3:01 pm3:08 pm3:26 pm3:30 pm3:41 pm3:43 pm
3:10 pm3:21 pm3:28 pm3:46 pm3:50 pm4:01 pm4:03 pm
3:30 pm3:41 pm3:48 pm4:06 pm4:10 pm4:21 pm4:23 pm
3:50 pm4:01 pm4:08 pm4:26 pm4:30 pm4:41 pm4:43 pm
4:10 pm4:21 pm4:28 pm4:46 pm4:50 pm5:01 pm5:03 pm
4:30 pm4:41 pm4:48 pm5:06 pm5:10 pm5:21 pm5:23 pm
4:50 pm5:01 pm5:08 pm5:26 pm5:30 pm5:41 pm5:43 pm
5:10 pm5:21 pm5:27 pm5:45 pm5:49 pm6:00 pm6:02 pm
5:30 pm5:41 pm5:47 pm6:05 pm6:09 pm6:20 pm6:22 pm
5:50 pm6:01 pm6:07 pm6:25 pm6:29 pm6:40 pm6:42 pm
6:10 pm6:21 pm6:27 pm6:45 pm6:49 pm6:59 pm7:01 pm
6:30 pm6:41 pm6:47 pm7:04 pm7:08 pm7:18 pm7:20 pm
6:50 pm7:00 pm7:06 pm7:23 pm7:27 pm7:37 pm7:39 pm
7:10 pm7:20 pm7:26 pm7:43 pm7:46 pm7:56 pm7:58 pm
7:30 pm7:40 pm7:46 pm8:03 pm8:06 pm8:15 pm8:17 pm
8:00 pm8:10 pm8:16 pm8:31 pm8:34 pm8:43 pm8:45 pm
8:30 pm8:39 pm8:45 pm9:00 pm9:03 pm9:12 pm9:14 pm
9:00 pm9:09 pm9:15 pm9:30 pm9:33 pm9:42 pm9:44 pm
9:30 pm9:39 pm9:45 pm9:59 pm10:02 pm10:11 pm10:13 pm
10:00 pm10:09 pm10:15 pm10:28 pm10:31 pm10:40 pm10:42 pm