FINAL UPDATE: Delay at San Jose and San Juan has cleared. OB #JChurch resuming service. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

54 Felton

5am - 10pm daily
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Outbound to Daly City BART
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BART access road (Daly City BART station), John Daly Boulevard, Junipero Serra, Alemany, Sagamore, Plymouth, Grafton, Mt. Vernon, Louisberg, Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART), Naples, Russia, Prague, Persia, Athens, Avalon, Felton, University, Woolsey, Holyoke, Bacon, Phelps, Vesta, Thornton, Bridge View, Topeka, Thornton, Reddy, Williams, Van Dyke, Ingalls, Revere, Lane, Palou, Newhall, Kirkwood, 3rd Street, Hudson, Ingalls, Northridge, Jerrold, Earl, Kirkwood, Kiska, Ingalls, Lasalle, Cashmere, Hudson to 3rd.


From Hudson and 3rd via Newhall, Palou, Lane, Revere, Ingalls, Van Dyke, Williams, Reddy, Thornton, Topeka, Bridge View, Thornton, Vesta, Phelps, Bacon, Holyoke, Woolsey, University, Felton, Moscow, Persia, Prague, Russia, Moscow, Geneva (Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART), Howth, Mt. Vernon, Grafton, Plymouth, Sagamore, Alemany, Saint Charles, BART Access Road (Daly City BART).